Will Uber Accept bitcoin as payment in the future?

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale March 12, 2022
Updated 2022/03/12 at 5:09 AM
Will Uber Accept bitcoin as payment in the future

Uber is a gigantic multinational company operating in many developing and developed countries. Like multinational companies such as Tesla and Microsoft, Uber is correspondingly willing to accept bitcoin payments in the future.

Microsoft was first to adopt bitcoin as an exchange method, and later, many other companies joined the likes of Microsoft. Recently the CEO of Uber Dara stated that Uber’s official application would be using bitcoin as one of the payment methods in the future. If you want to earn money with bitcoin trading, check btc british profit . However, Dara said the cryptocurrency market is not mature enough. Here is a brief overview of the announcement of Uber regarding bitcoin payments.

Uber Will Accept Bitcoin Payments in the Future!

As discussed above, Uber is a multinational company spread in many countries, and the CEO of this company has stated that Uber has plans to accept bitcoin payments in the future. Uber app will not merely comprise bitcoin as payment but also other digital coins like ether in the list of cryptocurrency payments.

Why does Uber not accept bitcoin payments now?

The CEO of this company said the cryptocurrency market is utterly fragile and not mature enough. The chief executive officer addressed the expense of a digital currency exchange, which incurs hefty transaction charges. This company’s business was heavily affected due to the recent Covid hit, as there was a worldwide lockdown.

Alongside addressing the hefty transaction fees of each exchange, the chief executive officer of this company correspondingly cited the environmental damage caused by every bitcoin transaction. In short, according to the founder of Uber, the digital currency marketplace has many things to welcome, and it is utterly stable.

Companies Accepting Bitcoin Payments!

Multiple multinational companies and enterprises adopt Bitcoin being a popular, commonly accepted asset. The list of companies that accept bitcoin as a payment method is enormous. Everyone is excited to accept bitcoin from local vendors to huge companies as it is more like a trend. For example, Starbucks recently allowed their customers to pay with BTC. Earlier the virtual store of Microsoft companies allowed customers to pay with BTC but similar to tesla motors; it also suspended bitcoin payments due to intense fluctuations in the price range.

Top multinational companies to accept bitcoin!


When it comes to the list of multinational companies that welcomed the concept of bitcoin, Microsoft appears in the first place. Microsoft’s land-based store did not start to accept bitcoin payments, but the online Xbox website started to accept. Bitcoin was popular amongst millennials, and this is why Microsoft at first only accepted bitcoin at the online gaming store. However, due to specific reasons, including the most significant cryptocurrency exchange theft, Xbox decided not to accept bitcoin. When Microsoft noticed that bitcoin was maturing and the frequency of cryptocurrency frauds was declining, it again adopted bitcoin payments.


One of the biggest food chains in the world is also accepting bitcoin payments. Starbucks is famous for its delicious coffee, and people now love to pay with bitcoin for their coffee. Starbucks necessitates you to download the official application of their platform to pay with bitcoin. You cannot use any cryptocurrency exchange or e-wallet to pay Starbucks for your food items. To pay with bitcoin, you need to add bitcoin units in the form of gift cards on the official application of Starbucks. Starbucks has collaborated with the Bakkt E-wallet application that assists you in converting BTC into fiat currencies.


Like Microsoft, Newegg is an electronic company that has recently started bitcoin payments. Unlike Starbucks, you don’t need to download the official application of this platform, and you can directly pay Newegg for goods and services. Newegg offers you a QR code; you can scan the QR code and directly send payment without even knowing your wallet address.


Twitch is similar to YouTube, and people use this platform to stream different games. The user base of twitch is gigantic compared to other video streaming platforms. Twitch is now the subsidiary of Amazon. Undeniably, Amazon itself does not accept Bitcoin, but twitch and other subsidiaries of Amazon whole foods accept Bitcoin payments. Rather than accepting bitcoin, the platform correspondingly accepts infamous digital currencies.

The above-listed portion defines everything you should know about the announcement of Uber regarding the acceptance of bitcoin.


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