What Companies Are In The Consumer Durables Field

Etima Aaron
Etima Aaron November 21, 2022
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What Companies Are In The Consumer Durables Field
What Companies Are In The Consumer Durables Field

In today’s articles, we will be talking about what companies are in the consumer durables field. Before we start, let us know what a consumer durable product is.

Products classified as “consumer durables” are those that are used frequently over an extended period rather than being quickly consumed. Products for use in the home are sold by businesses in the consumer durables sector. To support their business operations, these organizations do, however, also engage in complementary industries like retail and services.

From autos and furnishings to electronics and appliances, this category can encompass anything. To support their business operations, these organizations do, however, also engage in complementary industries like retail and services.

Companies that make, distribute, and sell durable goods to customers are included in the broad field of consumer durables.

When we talk about what companies are in the consumer durables field, a wide variety of businesses exist. Among the most prevalent are: 

Apple Inc.

An American multinational technology business called Apple Inc. creates, produces, and sells consumer electronics like computers, smartphones, and other devices.

As the most valuable brand in the world, Apple has the highest brand equity. The main factors contributing to Apple’s position as the top consumer durable brand in the world are the Macbook line of laptops and the iPhone.

Apple has become a significant consumer durable brand in the world as the number of Macbooks in the US has surpassed that of Windows laptops, and usage of Macbooks and tablets is steadily increasing.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd

A South Korean firm called Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. creates and sells electronic goods like:

Galaxy S and Galaxy Note smartphones

Galaxy Book and Chromebook laptops


refrigerators and washers are examples of home appliances.

On the global ranking of the top brands of consumer durables, it comes in third. Although it boasts a superb and cutting-edge selection of televisions, refrigerators, household appliances, and air conditioners, Samsung is best recognized for its smartphones.

One of the most popular television brands in the world, Samsung TVs are widely distinguished with options like 3D TV, 4K super HD LEDs, Smart TVs, etc. Even their line of washing machines, freezers, and air conditioners operate efficiently everywhere. The after-sales support provided by Samsung is also well-liked.

LG Electronics Inc

An electronics manufacturer and retailer, LG Electronics Inc. is based in South Korea and produces and sells electronic goods such as mobile phones, computers, TVs, and home appliances.

LG Electronics Inc.’s primary goods include the following:

G, V, and Q smartphones

gram laptops

TVs: 4K UHD and OLED

refrigerators, washers, and air conditioners are examples of household appliances.

It has a good international reputation for its kitchen and household equipment. Many LG-exclusive stores don’t carry smartphones because LG offers such a diverse range of products.

In addition to televisions, LCD and LED monitors, refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines, air purifiers & dehumidifiers, music players, computer peripherals, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, etc., LG also produces vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners.

Sony Corporation

The Japanese technology business Sony Corporation offers goods and services across several industries, including electronics, gaming, entertainment, and financial services.

The primary goods and services provided by Sony Corporation are:

Electronics include Xperia cellphones, BRAVIA TVs, and PlayStation gaming systems.

PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita

Music, movies, and television programs are all forms of entertainment.

Financial services include credit cards, loans, and insurance.

Because of its extensive line of consumer electronics products, Sony is one of the top manufacturers of durable goods worldwide. Sony is skewed more toward electronics and “brown products” than toward “white goods” or “appliances.”

Sony is mostly recognized for making televisions and long held the top spot in the TV market. The most popular series of Sony TVs right now is the Sony Bravia line.

In addition to television, Sony became well-known thanks to the legendary Sony Walkman, which propelled the brand to stardom. The VAIO series of laptops, music players, digital cameras, Playstation, and other consumer electronics are also popular products from Sony.

Panasonic Corporation

A Japanese technology corporation called Panasonic Corporation offers goods and services across many industries, including electronics, home appliances, cars, and health care.

The following are the primary goods and services provided by Panasonic Corporation:

Electronics include Toughbook computers, Viera TVs, and Lumix cameras.

Appliances: microwaves, refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners

Automobiles: electric vehicles, infotainment systems, and car batteries

Health: Body fat scales, computerized x-ray machines, blood pressure monitoring 

Over the past few years, Panasonic has made great strides and increased the quality of both its advertising and products. One of the top air conditioners in the business is considered to come from Panasonic. It offers a broad range of consumer goods, including cameras and camcorders.

It offers a wide range of consumer electronics, music systems, and other home entertainment devices. Finally, its televisions use cutting-edge technology and compete fiercely with other leading consumer durable brands.

Sharp Corporation

A Japanese technology corporation called Sharp Corporation offers goods and services across many industries, including consumer electronics, home appliances, and information systems.

Sharp Corporation’s primary goods include:

Electronics: Plasmacluster air purifiers and Aquos televisions

appliances: refrigerators and microwave ovens

MultiCopy digital copiers and XForge document management software are examples of information systems. Sharp continues to innovate and is now well-known for its high-quality televisions, smartphones, and other electronic products.

It has a significant market share in the consumer durables sector and sells its products in over 150 countries. The company’s goods are well-liked all around the world, and it has frequently ranked among the best-selling brands in the market for consumer durables.

Philips Electronics N.V

A Dutch technology company, Philips Electronics N.V. offers goods and services in several industries, including lighting, consumer electronics, and health care.

The primary goods that Philips Electronics N.V. provides are:

televisions, Blu-ray players, and home entertainment equipment

LED lamps, bulbs, and fixtures for lighting

MRI scanners, X-ray devices, and patient monitors. The company is a leader in consumer appliances and offers a wide range of products. It recently introduced very popular air fryers.

Appliances, TVs, music systems, headphones, DVD players, kitchen appliances, vacuum cleaners, air purifiers, home lighting, monitors, and PC audio are some of its best-known products.

According to brand equity and valuation, Philips is one of the top manufacturers of consumer durables in the world because of its extensive product line.

Hitachi Ltd

A Japanese technological corporation called Hitachi Ltd. offers goods and services in many industries, including electronics, buildings, and automobiles.

Hitachi Ltd.’s primary goods and services include:

Electronics include TVs, projectors, and hard drives.

Excavators and other construction equipment

Automotive: Informational systems, batteries, and electric cars 

Hitachi offers a wide range of commercial products, including electronics, IT, and power systems. However, it offers a comparable selection of consumer goods, which contributes to its strong brand equity and excellent brand recall in the consumer market.

Hitachi is well recognized for its selection of refrigerators, microwaves, kitchen appliances, small appliances, washing machines, air conditioners, air purifiers & dehumidifiers, and many other similar consumer equipment. 

Toshiba Corporation

A Japanese technological corporation called Toshiba Corporation offers goods and services in many different industries, including electronics, home appliances, and infrastructure.

The following are the primary goods Toshiba Corporation offers:

Electronics: TVs, hard drives, and laptops

Appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, and air, and washing machines.

Infrastructure: Systems for generating electricity, railways, and social infrastructure

Because of the large range of consumer appliances it offers, Toshiba is also among the leading manufacturers of consumer durables worldwide. Toshiba provides air conditioners, computers, laptops, and televisions.

General Electric

Health care, transportation, finance, and renewable energy are the main areas of concentration for the American multinational conglomerate GE.

GE collaborates with clients to help them grow and streamline their businesses. They are pioneers in renewable energy and sustainability. For several years, GE has been a supplier of durable goods.

Lenovo Group

Chinese multinational technology corporation Lenovo Group (formerly Legend Holdings) focuses on commercial and mobile computing and services.

A significant player in the personal computer industry is Lenovo.

The business has also introduced a variety of popular smartphones, such as the Lenovo A5500, which runs Android, and the Lenovo S90, which runs Windows Phone.

Adidas AG

With the use of cutting-edge marketing techniques and products, Adidas AG, a multinational German company, attracts niche sportsmen and customers to its sportswear and footwear lines.

Soccer balls are Adidas’ top-selling item. Additionally, when we talk about what companies are in the consumer durables field, they have introduced a line of shoes that are very well-liked by young people because they come in a range of designs and colors.


Consumer durables are goods that are routinely utilized over a long period of time rather than quickly consumed. when we talk about what companies are in the consumer durables field, this category might include anything, from automobiles and furniture to gadgets and appliances to clothes and fashion brands.

Any company, frames, or businesses that produce, provide and market durable items that stand the test of time to consumers are included in this category.

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