7 Unique Hobbies that Make Money

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale March 29, 2022
Updated 2022/03/29 at 4:44 AM
7 Unique Hobbies that Make Money

Imagine doing something that you love to do and earning money from it at the same time. Fascinating right? I bet you have a hobby that you enjoy engaging in. Well, who doesn’t? Hobbies are part of our lives and they define who we are. In this article, you are about to learn the 7 most special hobbies. Which you should try if you want to make some cash. Are you ready? Let’s begin!

1. Selling Vintage Star Wars Toys

Talking about one of the best movies of all time, Star Wars is right at the top. What made childhood worthwhile was this movie. A film series with unique characters like galactic figures. If you want one way to make money, then sell star wars toys. Technology upgrades have led to the making of websites dedicated to helping collectors sell their vintage toys online.

Some of the toys to sell include vehicles, ships, figures, and playsets. It is great because you can sell both old and new toys. Also, the selling of other pop culture toys can happen here.

2. Writing

Are you in need of making some good money on the side? Try online writing. It is a freelancing business opportunity. It is also grouped into the article and academic writing. Research proves that writing is a source of income. For most graduates and undergraduates. Existing at a local and international level. Apart from being a hobby, writing can be important in gaining skills for your career.

Online websites such as Fiverr and Upwork are among the best. This is because they offer opportunities to communicate with clients. Making it simple to sell your written papers for money.

3. Design and Illustration

If you are an artist or a fashion designer, then this is for you. Painting and drawing can earn you a living. You can create magical paintings that someone may be willing to pay you for it. Which in most cases, they do pay. Thanks to social media, you can post your work. Thus attracting customers through marketing.

So, a designer can illustrate different fashion styles. Quality designs attract people and they pay for your work.

4. Music

This category can turn from being a hobby into a major career and business. Selling music in the current world is easy. As long as you create something that the people want. You can sell music how you want. By instrumenting beats or recording your music and selling them online. Platforms like YouTube and SoundCloud have given artists freedom. For creating and selling.

Listing beats online may earn you an opportunity for becoming a producer. Also making your original music may result in deals under a record label.

5. DIY Crafts

Where do you even start with this hobby? Because it contains thousands of ideas to start. All you need is your creativity and you are set. DIY crafting contains handmade products. You can sell items like boxes, jewelry, mats, and candles. Can you imagine that this industry is worth over $40 billion? Yes, insane numbers!

You can either go large or small scale. If you create something that solves a problem, then be sure to sell out. Crafting is one thing you can do and enjoy the process. Try it sometime.

6. Photography

How do you expect to keep memories without photography? Owning a camera and having skills to use it is a first win step. It is a wonderful hobby to make money from. Living in a very busy world, gigs and events are always available. This allows you to be a photographer, hence a side hustle. You can print and sell the pictures for money. Also, post them on social media as a marketing strategy.

7. Cooking

Who does not love food? No one is the answer. All think about eating throughout the day. You need food for survival and growth. It does not matter if you are a professional chef. This hobby only needs a little skill and creativity. You can earn money by posting ‘How to’ tutorials on YouTube. Everybody wants to learn to cook something. Shooting videos in your kitchen teaching people how to make a meal can earn you cash. Go for it and see.


So, making money is not always about getting a degree then a job. No, you can make money whenever or how you want. All you need is creativity, skill, and hard work. Why not try making extra cash while enjoying your favorite hobbies.


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