Togo’s economy – With the Influence of Bitcoin

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 12:50 PM
Togo's economy - With the Influence of Bitcoin

When Togo’s government began investigating the possibility of implementing a national digital currency, they had no idea that Bitcoin would play such a significant role in its development. People that are interested in Bitcoin trading should sign-up here as it’s one of the most convenient tools that can use to achieve investors’ goals.

However, due to the country’s proximity to Ghana (which has become a hub for Bitcoin trading) and its lack of traditional banking infrastructure, Togo has become one of the most active countries in Africa when it comes to Bitcoin.

This unexpected development has had several consequences on Togo’s good and bad economy.

Because Bitcoin can be bought and sold without a bank account, it has become a popular way for people to access the financial system.

It is essential in Togo, where only around 30% of the population has a bank account. Bitcoin has also had a positive impact on remittances, as it is now more accessible for people to send money back home without having to go through traditional banking channels.

However, on the downside, Bitcoin’s volatile nature has made it a risky investment for many people. Because the price of Bitcoin can fluctuate dramatically, it is not uncommon for people to lose money when investing in digital currency. Overall, Bitcoin’s impact on Togo’s economy has been positive and negative.

How Bitcoin is helping to stimulate the economy in Togo

Togo is a small country located in West Africa with just over 7 million people. While the country is not as well known as some of its neighbors, it is beginning to make a name for itself in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

In 2017, the Togolese government began to take notice of Bitcoin and the potential it had to help stimulate the economy. Bitcoin provides a way for people to store and use value without going through a bank.

The government has been working with a local Bitcoin exchange, BTC Togo, to help promote the use of Bitcoin in the country. They have also been working on creating a legal framework for cryptocurrency.

How Bitcoin is negatively impacting cash-strapped Togo

Togo has been struggling with poverty and economic hardship for many years. Despite its relatively small size, Togo has been struck by the global financial crisis, and its economy has been in a state of flux for the past several years.

In recent years, Togo has been looking for ways to attract foreign investment and boost its economy. The country has been trying to do this by embracing Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Unfortunately, it has led to a lot of speculation and buying frenzy, which has driven up the price of Bitcoin.

At the same time, the Togolese government has been slow to regulate or even acknowledge Bitcoin. This lack of regulation has made it very easy for people to set up fraudulent exchanges and trading platforms. As a result, many people have lost money after investing in Bitcoin.

Overall, Bitcoin is harming Togo’s economy. The government needs to take action to regulate the digital currency, and more education is needed to ensure that people understand what it is and how it works. Without these measures, Bitcoin will continue to undermine the Togolese economy.

The Scarcity of Bitcoin in Togo and How It’s Driving Up Prices

There is a big difference between developed and developing countries when it comes to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is seen as an investment or even a speculative asset in developed countries. Whereas in developing countries, Bitcoin is mainly used to send money back home or to pay for goods and services. Bitcoin is much faster and cheaper than traditional money transfer methods like Western Union or MoneyGram.

However, there is one developing country where Bitcoin is not just being used for remittances or commerce but also as a store of value – Togo.

The rising price of Bitcoin attracts more and more people to buy it. The most popular exchange is Luno, which allows users to buy Bitcoin with their local currency, the West African CFA franc.


The Bitcoin revolution has had some unexpected consequences on Togo’s economy. While cryptocurrency is still not well understood by most people, its impact is already being felt. Bitcoin is helping to increase economic activity in Togo and provides a new way for people to send and receive money. Therefore, it is likely to impact the country’s economy in the long term positively.

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