The Secret To A Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale September 1, 2020
Updated 2020/09/01 at 3:53 PM
email marketing strategy

Being equipped with how to implement a successful email marketing strategy is one of the trusted ways to achieve your business goals. When you are able to learn the impact and importance of email marketing in your startup, company, or any corporation, you will be setting your business for huge profits.


You will be able to turn leads into conversions and retain them for further patronage. This will help and boost the growth of your business speedily and also help you beat your competition, especially when done correctly.


We have revealed the secrets to a successful email marketing strategy to help you increase your sales and make more money in your business.


1. Activate The Interest Of Prospects With Color


One sure way to get prospective clients’ interests activated in your business is through color. Your platform will increase in its potential to capture increased attention through topnotch visual elements. Make use of colours a lot in your marketing strategy. Don’t just use colours, however, make them your colour combinations very effective to be able to influence the emotions of a prospective customer towards your email content and brand.


For instance, you use red to invoke urgency, and also boost energy in a customer. Blue stimulates bond, trust, and a feeling of calmness, while yellow can stimulate happiness and cheerfulness. Whichever colour you decide to use, ensure that it is used with the right combination and effectively used to achieve an excellent result. Ensure that the colors you use compliments your brand.


2. Get Personal


Get personal with your focused audience. This would make your audience more connected to you and tuned to listen. The approach will also make them feel happy and appreciated. Everyone loves to be recognized individually. Every customer everywhere prefers that they receive personal emails from companies. And this is even if the African markets and Middle Eastern are your targets.


Find out more about your target audience’s preferences and meet them. A digital marketing agency in the MENA market, Maze, suggests business people to consider giving their customers a much improved experience, which would get them to yearn for more of your services or products. Getting personal with them rather than dishing out general emails will create a memory that sticks.


3. Apply Low-Sized Images


You may be considering using images with the best high resolution in your email, but this could create errors with your recipients. So it is advised that you keep it simple, and in such a way that it would be difficult to mess up. Upload image size up to 72 dpi. They will appear great and not liable to being blocked by email provider settings for being extra large. 


Another factor to also consider is that the majority of people use their tablets and smartphones in accessing their emails. In essence, emails with large images would be a misfit for such devices. You’d be at a high risk of losing your customers just because they weren’t able to see the logo, brand, and image of your company


4. Get Simple With Fonts


You have a brand image you intend to project, and you may be considering getting adventurous with texts to achieve certain goals. You may want to use fonts such as gothic for some intended effect, but may turn out into a disaster for your marketing goals. Many of your target audience may not have the non-standard fonts installed in their computers. And this may result in some weird display of your messages.


It is just best to convey your messages in conventional and simple fonts like Times New Roman, Arial, Georgia, and Calibri. And if you’d rather have something fancy, then you should consider having them displayed in an image. Keep your texts justified to the left, because of the varieties of devices and browsers. You do not know which one would have tampered weirdly with emails.  

Email Marketing Strategy
Email Marketing Strategy

5. Give Out Value


Most direct mail pieces should be regarded as “junk mail”. And if you want your own email to stand out from the rest, then you must give out value. Apply every creativity in you to proffer the value that syncs with the mantra of your business. You can achieve this without needing to spend so much on a killer email strategy.


For instance you can deliver curated contents using creative techniques such as folds and punch-outs to provide real guidance to your audience and customers. However, keep away from insulting the intelligence of your customers by using tacky tag lines or subject lines such as “FREE CASH”. Be sure that your email will not be opened.


Do not consider emails having ALL CAPS too. They often look as if you are yelling, and would quickly turn off the interests of your audience.


You should also abstain from using multiple exclamation points. For instance, “We are here for you!!!!!!!!” It appears kind of dangerous. And you’d only end up scaring off your customers rather than building their interests in your product.


Make your message direct, simple, and easy to comprehend. Forget about all those see & say graphics. They will not do your brand any good. They appear too elementary and do not appeal to the brain. In fact, they do more of creating confusion. 


6. Testing Will Do More


Any business owner seeking an email marketing strategy should be aware that testing will go a long way. This means that you’ll need to do a lot of trial and error to discover what exactly works for your email marketing. You’ll test out with contents, styles, and designs to know what works for your target audience.


You can test the waters by selecting a small portion of your target audience and samples of your emails. Doing this will help you know which of your email is able to generate better traffic, clicks and more importantly, sales.


Once you have been able to uncover the best working email, roll it out to the rest of your target audience. This will increase your chances of succeeding with your efforts. You will also be able to optimize your email campaign to meet the needs of your customers.


In conclusion, implementing an effective email marketing strategy will help you to generate increased sales and conversions. Ensure to be honest with your audience, be straightforward and personal too. People need to see that you care about them, and are offering them value. You need to be different from your competitors. Email marketing stands out of all other marketing strategies for most entrepreneurs, and perfect for your business.


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