18 Small Business Ideas To Inspire You To Become Your Own Boss

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale March 18, 2021
Updated 2021/03/18 at 12:57 PM

You may now be considering supplementing your full-time job with a side hustle. Or maybe you are totally considering being on your own and being in control of your own time and business. Well, whatever your reason is, the first thing you need to put into consideration is a top-notch small business idea that will help you to achieve your financial goals.


It is important that you put your experiences, strengths, and skills into consideration when making this decision. And if it is an idea that tallies with your passion, it’ll give you a better shot at excelling, and cut down on the probability of you burning out. You should also ensure having a good business plan in place.

These small business ideas are categorized by interests and skills. Most of them do not require huge costs to start, and they can be run for home.


Small Business Ideas for tech-savvy people


1. Smartphone Repair

Smartphones are everywhere. Everyone has a smartphone they use. In fact, many have more than one, and sometimes, these phones fall and crack on their screens – just imagine how many phones you have come across with cracked screens. And when this happens, not everyone will be able to change the phones straightaway.

In fact, a greater percentage of people would prefer to have them repaired than getting a new phone. You’ll need a good marketing strategy for the business with some experience fixing broken smartphones.

The initial investment is not much, especially if you do not have to get training. Just get some cash to buy some tools and phone parts to get you started. And the business can be run from home.

But it is important that you prepare for competition from phone provider programs and repair shops. You can reduce the risks of this competition by offering your services at a well-reduced cost.

2. Web Development

Do you have a thing for creating websites and blogs? Web development could be an idea you want to consider. Companies and small businesses are constantly looking to create a presence online to connect to their customers around the globe.

You can get clients from anywhere around the world while working from home. This business idea can go side-by-side with your full-time engagement. And start-up costs are low. You’ll need to create your own website to market your skills – especially if you already have the skills. You must have a computer and steady internet access to kick off. Huge competition is something you must however prepare for to succeed here. Ensure to build a strong portfolio to help you attract potential customers.


Small Business Ideas for people who are handy

3. General Handyman Business

There are people who have much gifting at fixing things. People who are handy can handle large projects, home tasks such as bathroom remodels, kitchen jobs, and other smaller jobs.

To get started with this, you should check up with the requirements in your state and the kind of services you are offering. You may have to register with your state or get a business license. And if you need to get some tools – which may include a work truck – your startup costs may run up a bit high.

To get customers, meeting people on a daily basis, and getting referrals will be very efficient. You may also want to do some advertising while kicking off. Get insured because of possible injuries you may experience on the job.

4. Appliance Repair

Washers, dishwashers, dryers, and a wide range of other appliances need specialists to work on them from time to time. So, if you have this skill, you’ll find this idea a great one.

And just like the general handyman idea, you’ll have to acquire some tools and a van or a work truck. You may also be required to get an operating license for your business.

Consider getting insurance too because of possible injury that you, your staff, or appliances may incur. Competition is also a key factor to be all set for. It is important that you build a good relationship with your customers and also consider considerable pricing to beat your competitors.

Ideas for friendly and outgoing people

5. Event Planning

Event planning is a great choice for someone who knows a lot about parties and planning for them. They should also be experienced in hospitality and coordination and should have good communication and organizational skills, with a lot of weekend free time for event work. Patience will be a vital virtue for success.

While you can do this business along with your major job, you’ll be prepared for frequent traveling as you may be required to plan an event anywhere as your business grows.

You do not require a high startup cost for this business especially since you can operate it from home. You may need to consider having a website, and set up your social media pages, while also doing some online marketing. And if you do not have the required experience yet, then it is important that you get trained.

Bear in mind, however, that this small business idea is seasonal. Factors like seasons, the location you reside in, and the level of your experience among other things, have huge roles to play in your success.

6.Event Photography

Do you have a thing for photography? Then get head-on for event photography!

The business idea doesn’t require so much to get started, but you’ll definitely have to acquire top-level equipment as you grow. You can start off as an apprentice to a skilled photographer to build good experience on the job and also your resume.

You’ll need to get good lighting equipment, editing software, and of course, a professional camera. You should consider having a website also. Budget for marketing your skills and you may want to bring in assistants as you grow too.

But get set for the huge competition out there! You need to be really good and have a great business plan to stand out. And just like event planning, event photography could be seasonal too.

7. Tour Guide

You could consider this small business idea if you live in a popular tourist area. You must also have deep knowledge of your city and must be free with different kinds of people.

You can do this business from home but you’ll need to put in a few funds in marketing your idea. Starting, however, will not take much. But plan for possible accidents that may occur during tours by getting the appropriate insurance. You may also consider business licensing, but this has so much to do with your location.

Ideas for wordsmiths

8. Content Writing

If you love writing, then you can actually start making money online straightaway by reaching out to potential clients anywhere in the world for jobs. Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are among the top sites that help content writers find good clients online.

If you already have a computer and some good writing skills, you’ll need a good internet connection and some marketing plans to connect with clients.

You may also want to sharpen your writing skills by putting in for free or paid courses on Udemy or Coursera to give you an edge,

9. Blog

As a skilled writer, having your own blog to turn your writing skills into money is another great small business idea to consider. With lots of traffic on your blog, you can have advertising networks such as Google AdSense place adverts on your blog and get paid when your users click the ads or make a purchase.

Affiliate marketing is also another great way to earn from your writing skills. You’ll be able to promote the products of other people to your users and get paid every time your users make purchases on the affiliate network.

This option might turn out a bit expensive as you’d have to create your blog and get some necessary tools to improve your search engine ranking and get your content noticed. So, you do not have to quit your main job on day one. You can blog while still keeping your main job, and if you must quit, be patient till your passion gets very profitable before you consider it.

10. Resume Writer

People need the assistance of resume writers to craft the best first impression through experience display and skills. You need to be a good creative writer, have good communication skills, and strong interviewing skills. If you have a good background in editing or journalism, you’ll have an edge.

You can launch out with just a small amount and you can work from anywhere. If you think you do not have the necessary skills to get started, then acquire some free or paid skills online. It is important you get prepared before getting started, as you do not want to lose your credibility with your potential clients as a result of poor jobs delivered.

11. SEO Experts

SEO experts help company websites and blogs become visible on search engines. Google takes a massive share of search engine usability on the planet; hence it is only smart to know how to help websites rank on Google.

Some of the duties you’ll be performing involve writing well-optimized content with accurate keywords, analyzing and editing existing content and also be informed of the trends and best practices in the industry.

You’ll need some basic skills in content creation and editing, good communication and persuasive skills, and some good knowledge of using Google Analytics. You should consider taking some online courses to give you some basic knowledge to start with.

You will have to create your online presence to promote your business. This could be a professional website and social media pages across major platforms. And be sure that you may have some hard times finding clients from the start since you do not have a portfolio of your past jobs. But you could choose to do a few free jobs to help you build it.


Ideas for people who love caring for others

12. Day Care Services

Daycare services may be a bit hard to combine with major jobs. But then, it depends on what you do. You can do it from home by setting your acceptable kids’ age group, hours of operating, how many kids you can handle per time, a few other factors.

This industry is a juicy one which is reported to have a value of $57 billion in the United States by IBISWorld.

The startup cost is relatively low, but there are some things you’ll have to consider, depending on your location. You may have to get certified by getting some training first or get licensed to start. Having basic experience in first aid, childcare, teaching, and counseling would be necessary.

Some expenses you’ll incur include furniture such as cribs, toys and books, cleaning supplies, mats, outdoor playground equipment, and insurance.  Bear in mind that the safety of the children is in your hands and it is important that you plan for accidents; which is why you can’t forgo insurance.

If you have kids or have had to deal with kids, you’ll agree that this kind of business can be a whole lot of stress. Hence, you must know how to cope with stress!

13. Home Health Care Services

People in senior age regularly need care and assistance. You can run a health care service that provides these elderly people with the required assistance they need. This should include helping them with basic daily tasks, administering drugs and treatment, and managing injuries and illnesses.

You should have some basic knowledge in nursing or social work, medicine, and physical therapy. And you can start by talking to friends and family members about your new small business idea – you grow from there.

Getting started with the business has a lot to do with the kind of service you’ll be offering. If the business is nonmedical, then your starting cost will be reduced. Only that you may still need to get some licensing and training. Ensure to also get the proper insurance with the right legal structure in place.

Ideas for animal lovers

14. Pet Walking

Pet lovers will find this home-based business a good idea. You can choose to work from home or at your client’s. It is important that you have a flexible work schedule and be reliable to win clients’ hearts.

The startup cost is low. Aside from the necessary pet supplies, just be good at what you do and market yourself to your friends, neighbors, and family members. But then, be prepared for huge competition. Check out what you need to know about pet insurance for dogs.

Companies such as Rovers will put you on the edge, so it is important that you know how to build a solid relationship with people to get jobs from them. You may also need to get licensed, but that depends on your location.

15. Mobile Pet Grooming

This business idea involves offering convenient service to customers. Instead of you having to bring their pets over for grooming, just take the service to their doorstep and get more cash for it.

You’ll need to have some experience providing this service. Get licensed and get the proper insurance. Also, get prepared for heavy competition from other pet groomers.

16. Gourmet Dog Treats

For the love of baking and dogs, gourmet dog treats would work nicely for you. Check on the permits required in the state and local area. You must also adhere to the United States’ food and drug administration guidelines on pet products. You’ll need a selling point that makes your services stand out from competitors.

The business requires low startup costs – you’ll need cookware and ingredients. You do not have to restrict your services to your local area alone, go online and broaden your reach. And considering the risks of a food-based business idea, it is essential that you get insurance.


Ideas for food lovers

17. Food Truck

Between 2014 and 2019, Marketing firm IBISWorld revealed that the food truck industry grew at an annual rate of 6.8%. This small business idea doesn’t require so much startup cost except that you need to pull some decent amount for the purchase of trucks and some cooking equipment.

But then, you should consider testing out your dishes on a smaller scale first. Try out stuff at a food festival or farmer’s market.

There are permitting requirements that you’ll have to deal with alongside health department regulations to get started with this business. You’ll also need to secure a good location and be prepared for fierce competition.

18. Craft Brewery

This small business idea is for beer lovers. The business is booming in the United States with 7,346 craft breweries recorded in 2018. However, it is not an easy one. But to get started, you should consider connecting with brewery owners for tips, guides, and advice to see if you can really fit into the requirements.

The startup cost is high. You’ll have to get construction on a building to fit for your brewery, get equipment, licenses, permits, and insurance. Some of the major challenges you’ll be faced with include securing finance, getting ingredients to brew, getting a perfect location, licenses, obtaining permits, and attracting customers among others.


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