4 simple time-saving tools to help your sales and online presence

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale March 25, 2022
Updated 2022/03/25 at 7:02 AM
4 simple time-saving tools to help your sales and online presence

Nowadays, every business knows that they need to implement technology in their processes to stay afloat. Every successful business has more or less presence online, which is more than expected due to the shift of customer activity there. We can compare the technology to a useful tool, or even a weapon, that helps entrepreneurs successfully hold the primary place in their target markets.

The technologization of modern business is broader than most of us think: it does not end with building a brand presence in social networks, creating websites, and using modern POS terminals – they are fundamental.

Nowadays, if a small business wants to reach a good position in the market, it has to carry out a long series of tasks far from the sphere of activities the business deals with. From all the best paper writing services to bakeries or high-tech 3D-printing startups – everyone has to create an attractive blog for potential clients, define digital strategies, send mass mailings, or improve the brand image, among many others.

This is why this article will not discuss the essential tools for scheduling or bookkeeping. Instead, it will show you the four useful and simple programs that deal with all these new off-topic tasks so that the self-employed can devote their time to their own business activities.


One of the most tedious aspects for the collective is the creation of digital content. Nowadays, it is vital to create these publications to be present in customers’ daily lives.

As a starting point, your business needs to create daily content for LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, as a minimum. Still, some small businesses tend to create a blog or separate brand page to raise awareness among their potential customers. The content you create daily needs to discuss the aspects related to the industry in an engaging yet simple way. For example, a small private bakery can publish a recipe for each bread every day.

Activity and rich social media presence make the public aware of the brand name on a daily basis and associate it with an authoritative and quality brand with time. And if they have to choose between two similar businesses, most of the time they will choose the one they have been seeing every day for the last few months.

However, content creation is really hard work and takes a lot of time away from taking care of the business, so CopyAI is a perfect choice and time-saver to carry out this process in minutes without the urge to hire a copywriting specialist. This artificial intelligence automatically writes content for social networks and blogs. All you have to do is specify the platform where you want to upload the publication, and the tool will generate the text.


Marketing and branding is fundamental aspect of a small business. It is the way to differentiate yourself from the competition and fight against the big companies. Again, the freelancer is forced to spend a lot of time creating promotional content, logo design, advertisements, websites, and newsletters.

However, this tool once again makes it easier for freelancers, reducing their time spent on this task to just a few minutes. By using Canva, a business can create any web content piece or marketing-related publication through templates.

For this reason, the combination of this application with CopyAI makes it possible to carry out a task, which should be done daily, in a practically automated way. Freelancers can consider implementing these two tools so that, as a routine, they start each working day by creating a text for their social networks and blogs in CopyAI and passing it through a Canva template to get their content for the day.


Today, business promotion requires a strategy that becomes totally impossible without one particular promotion tool: email marketing. This tool is essential for any business, as mass newsletters have great potential in becoming the best alternative for Google Ads tool for its independence from a user’s decision regarding third-party cookies.

This strategy allows you to attract new customers and retain those who have already known the business by sending personalized promotions to each of them in just a few minutes. It will only be necessary to segment the target audience and direct the content of the email to each of these sections of the population.

In the same way, FloDesk allows the daily blog posts to be sent to all business customers in a newsletter so that the entire public always has an eye on the company.


Every new business that is born to replace an outdated company is getting more and more immersed in the Internet. They dedicate their activity to providing online services or directly to e-commerce. They must already be accustomed to payment applications that are used in p2p sales online. However, one thing that may be accidentally left behind is customer service tools.

Consumers are used to receiving an email with their purchase summary and invoice for it after buying anything on e-commerce sites like Amazon. This small and simple detail is more vital than you think. It generates a sense of security in the customer (e-mail invoices ensure them that their purchase is accepted successfully) and reinforces the brand image.

By using Zapier, you can link its interface to the online sales application to automate this process and save more time for essential tasks. Every time consumers purchase a product, they will receive an email confirmation with the list of items and the invoice for it. Letting your customers know that their order is processed is the best thing you can do to win their loyalty, so go on and make it all easier through automatization.

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