Riff Raff Biography & Net Worth

Riff Raff Net Worth

Riff Raff Biography & Net Worth

Popular Name: Riff Raff
Real Name:
Horst Christian Simco
Birth Date: January 29, 1982
Birth Place:
Houston, Texas, United States
Age: 38   
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Height: 188cm
Weight: 90kg
Sexuality: Straight
Marital Status: Single
Children: N/A
Profession: Rapper
Years active: 2005 Till Date
Net Worth: $7 Million
Last Updated: 2021

Riff Raff, born Horst Christian Simco is an American rapper from Texas best-known for his successful rap album ‘Neon Icon.’ When he started rapping in 2005, he could not afford beats of his own so he rapped over other artists’ beats. He then moved on to create several mixtapes of his own and gradually climbed the ladder of music. After getting hired by the rap group ‘Three Loco’, he found himself working with several record labels over the years until he finally settled with DJ and music producer Diplo’s ‘Mad Decent’. Riff Raff’s debut studio album ‘Neon Icon’ was recorded and released it in 2014. The album enjoyed enormous success. Soon, he decided to start his own music label, ‘Neon Nation Corporation,’ which unfortunately fell apart later. In June 2015, he prepared to release a second album ‘Peach Panther’, but the album kept running into trouble since its announcement until it was finally released to moderate commercial acclaim in June 2016. Music aside, the rapper has tried acting too, on several occasions, and has been seen in a variety of series, such as ‘One Life to Live’ and ‘Major Lazer’. Riff Raff net worth as it stands today is the outcome of all the efforts he has put into his music career. This riff Raff biography article will reveal details on the rap artist’s professional life and his journey through rough stages to fame in the music industry.

Riff Raff’s Early Life

He was born in Houston, Texas, United States on January 29, 1982, to a war veteran, Ronald, and a maid mother. His father suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), which is quite common among war veterans. Apart from PTSD, he also suffered from multiple illnesses, which led to a lot of distress at home. The family was not stable financially, and this led both parents to take up multiple jobs in order to be able to provide for their kids. Riff was the family’s second child and his mother is of German descent. His maternal grandmother was a survivor of the Holocaust.

Riff Raff was raised in a shady area in Copperfield, Texas. He spent the early years of his life playing several sports, including basketball. He enjoyed listening to rap songs but it never crossed his mind to consider music a profession while growing up. He was one of the best-known basketball players in his school and he was keen on making a career in the sport. By the time his family relocated to Stone Creek, he had become a brilliant basketball player and an integral part of his school’s basketball team. However, a few brawls in school made him drop out in his senior year though he eventually managed to finish his graduation.

Following his suspension from school, his basketball career was almost over, and around this time, his father became very sick and the family had to move regularly for his treatment. After his parents divorced, Horst had to take care of his father.

He attended Hibbing Community College where he majored in liberal arts. He had grown immense interest in rapping by the end of college. He moved back to his hometown in Texas and took up a number of odd jobs before moving to Los Angeles, California to start doing music seriously.

Riff Raff’s Career

In the early days of his career, Riff Raff made homemade CDs of his rap songs and sold them at different malls and colleges in Houston, Texas. He also made use of social media sites like MySpace and YouTube where he received attention after uploading his music on such platforms. When he started his career, he faced several difficulties and lacked the finances to make his own beats so he had to find and use the beats of other artists. He did many auditions and finally secured a place in the second season of the MTV reality show, ‘From G’s to Gents’, but got expelled after the first episode. After that, he formed a rap group along with rappers, Dirt and Andy to increase his fan following.

In 2011, Raff signed a record deal with Soulja Boy’s S.O.D. Money Gang. When their partnership couldn’t work, they announced their separation in 2012. Following this mishap, he met Harry and Bronson and they collaborated to release the video ‘Bird on a wire’, which was rated well by critics.

In 2013, he released the singles ‘Mr. Popular’ and ‘Dolce and Gabbana’, but his products were rejected by the rap community. Despite the backlash he received following the release of his first two songs, he did not let anything deter him from working towards releasing more records and making it as a big rap star. He released his debut album ‘Neon Icon’ in June 2014, and two years later, he released a second album ‘Peach Panther’. Since recording success with his 2016 album release, there has been no looking back for Riff Raff who has released many more projects to date and has worked with several big artists including Wiz Khalifa, Quavo, Travis Scott, and many others.

  • Neon Icon (2014)
  • Peach Panther (2016)
  • Pink Python (2019)
  • Cranberry Vampire (2019)
  • Vanilla Gorilla (2020)

Awards & Achievements

Riff Raff is yet to receive any awards in his short rapping career, but has accomplished enough personally by achieving the target he set for himself to become a famous rapper. He started from almost nothing but worked hard all by himself to make it to where he is today. While he may have struggled during his first few years as a rapper, he managed to find his feet, and the rest they say id history.

Personal Life

As much as he has been on the news for his fame and music style that is greatly loved by millions of his fans worldwide, Riff Raff has also been a part of many controversies in his life due to his drug and alcohol issues. He was arrested in North Carolina on August 11, 2013 when police found marijuana and alcohol marijuana in his car. He was taken into prison but in that same night, he was released without much fuss.

Riff Raff is known to love tattoos to a great extent. His body is adorned with several tattoos and he even has one of them dedicated to Jesus Christ, of whom he is a devoted follower. As at press time, he is in a relationship with American rapper Lil Debbie.

Riff Raff Net Worth

Before counting the figures, it is very important to understand the sources of wealth of this rapper. Riff Raff earned most of his wealth from the sales of his singles and albums. He also worked with several great artists on many different projects especially in the earliest stage of his career when he was fighting to find his feet. He has earned his money not just from doing music alone, but also from appearing in a number of films and television series.

Riff Raff net worth is slightly more than $7.5 million. Aside music sales, this figure have been boosted by tours and live performances. He resides in Las Vegas in a house that is worth $2 million, and it is said that his jewelry is worth over $500 thousand.

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