A Review on Copy Trading -Definition, Its Advantages & Disadvantages

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale May 17, 2021
Updated 2021/05/17 at 1:53 PM
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Copy-trading, otherwise called social trading, is a means to mechanize your trading by replicating the trades of other dealers. This technique is often used by novices that do not know how to trade; it enables them to trade and learn a bit as they go.

For seasoned traders, copy trading can help them to be relaxed on their trades since everything is mechanized. The objective of copy trade forex Malaysia, similar to normal forex trading, is to launch positions on various monetary markets.

These monetary markets include indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. This ideally will happen once the value of the resource has more or less advanced.

Copy trading is quite similar to regular forex trading, this implies that you can incur losses too. It is a decent alternative for individuals who do not have the experience or time to invest without help from anyone else.

Thus, numerous brokers give you the option of copy trading. Also, many online trading platforms offer copy trading services. And keeping in mind that some are manual, others are entirely mechanized. This lets you relax and watch your money multiply.

What Are the Advantages of Copy Trading?

Copy Trading Allows You to Work Round the Clock

As you’re using PC software and models to execute your mechanized trading technique dependent on a pre-decided criterion, your PC framework is always working. Thus, you are able to make money in markets that aren’t in your time zone while being able to execute other tasks concurrently.

Copy Trading Enables to Spend A Small Amount of Time on Trading

Although the process of creating a profitable trading technique is long and requires a lot of effort, an automated copy trading platform decreases the measure of day-by-day effort you need to devote for trading purposes, which implies that you can make cash even when you are working on a 9 to 5 basis or vacationing.

Copy Trading Eliminates the Process of Decision Making

By utilizing a precise trading technique such as copy trading, you can rid yourself of decision-making, and you can avoid being affected by your own feelings, which can contrarily affect how you execute trades.

Copy Trading Allows You to Fasten Order Implementation

PC software utilized for trading is an awesome way to speed up the level at which orders are entered, particularly in fast-moving trading floors, which are not easy to keep up with.

When your framework launches an order, all other allied orders in the system are launched; this includes take-profit and stop-loss orders. This can be the buffer to ensure you make a profit rather than a loss, particularly when the market is moving fast.

What Are the Downsides of Copy Trading?

When You Use Copy Trading, You Cannot Make Distinct Trading Options

Clearly, the techniques used in copy trading are the opposite of those in regular trading, meaning you cannot make distinct trading options. To further explain this, you cannot decide when to enter or exit a market based on your gut instinct or the info available to you.

When You Employ Copy Trading, You Are 100% At the Mercy of Someone Else

Although the most significant benefit of copy trading is eliminating the involvement of the novice trader in the decision-making process, it also means that all your portfolio is at the mercy of someone else. If they make a mistake, it will be detrimental to you.

Copy Trading Limits You from Advancing Your Trading Skills

With regard to advancing your trading skills, when you use copy trading, you often limit yourself from understanding the process of trading. People learn best from their mistakes, and copy trading shields you from this.

Final Thought

To sum it all up, copy trading can help you free up time and devote it to other crucial matters, as illustrated above. However, you need to ensure when using copy trading; you only focus on seasoned traders to avoid making losses.

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