Top Tips For Renting Your First Office Space

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale September 6, 2020
Updated 2020/09/06 at 3:30 PM
renting your first office space

Your work zone may have been within the four walls of your home but now you anticipate renting a space for your office. These top tips for renting your first office space unveiled in this article would ensure you settle for the best. 

Before renting your first office space, there is a need to know what you want and have a budget in mind. 

Renting Your First Office Space
Renting Your First Office Space

Here Are The Office Rental Tips To Put Into Consideration:


Be Sure You Need It

Centuries ago, there was a need for businesses to have a dedicated office to survive but due to the evolution of telecommunication and technology; businesses can survive without occupying the four walls of a building.

If you can carry out your services within your home the same way you would have if you rented a space for office, there will be no use leasing a space for office and you can rather invest the cash in some other things that can help to boost your productivity.


Start Your Search Early

Once you realize that you will need office space, you should start your search early unlike some people who will wait until dime minute before venturing out to search. At least 4months should be set aside to search, make a selection, and make the appropriate negotiation


Speak To An Expert

For those who have never had an office space, looking for one may be confusing and this makes it important to seek the assistance of a real estate agent that can offer help and guidance.


Selecting The Right Location

When you want to rent your first office space, a central location should be considered. The location should be easily accessible – that is where you have a staff – the location must be where they can easily get to. Also ensure the environment of the office should offer services such as restaurants, gyms, shopping, and bars for relaxation between and after working hours. Also, the parking space for your existing and potential clients must be considered.

Getting a perfect location may not be possible in rural areas, so you may move to the cities where you will get a variety of options. A convenient and attractive location encourages staff and most importantly draws potential clients to your office.


Layout And Size

This is an important area and perhaps the most difficult for a growing business. The office space should be able to accommodate all the employees that will have all through the lease period. To minimize cost, you may consider remote workers and flexible schedules. This will help you to manage a smaller space and also attract better talent.

Ensure you have a room for a break so that your workers will not have to leave the office every time they want to take snacks and drink or even have a short relaxation.


Make Budget For Office Expenses

This can be tricky but it needs to be included in the cost of renting an office space, you must make a budget for utilities, cost of furniture and fittings, office machines, décor, and office supplies. 

Others may include printed materials and signage, company and the logo sign at the entrance of the office, business cards, in-office signage for the advertisement of your services, and other informational pieces.

You can save money by making a spreadsheet for the expected expenses so you can have a clear view of what is at hand and know where and how to cut costs by asking the right questions. These questions include what services are attached to the lease for example some lease may include security, parking, and utilities.

A budget should also be made for repairs in case there is damage while occupying the space and that’s why it is important to know what the cost of the lease will cover so you may know those things you will have to plan for and if it is within your means.  


Duration Of Lease

Signing a longer lease can help you to save money. If the office space you are considering is perfect for your type of work and you know that it will still be already in the next few years or more when the business expands beyond what it is currently, you can sign up for a longer lease period as this action will help you to save your money if the landlord decides to increase the rent.


Consider Your Workers

This is one of the top tips for renting your first office space. This is because if you have to hire younger people as employees, you may be having a group of people who prefer an open office that will give them room to collaborate unlike where you hire older people that prefer the privacy of separate offices. This is important to take note of because the comfort of your employees reflects on their health and in the long run, their productivity.  


Leasing Co-working Spaces

In a situation where you work alone but you just want to be outside the house to avoid distractions from members of the family or perhaps for some other cogent reasons, co-working spaces offer a lot.

It is usually convenient and affordable and offers amenities such as coffee and snacks also making ready chairs, desks, décor, and Wi-Fi. It scales to fit for private offices especially when you choose a well-organized provider like WeWork or Regus.


Be Security Conscious

Before concluding on the space to be a lease, be sure enough that the building is secured and that your equipment is safe. Find out if after-hours security is available and other services such as manned entryway or security guards.


Make Negotiations

When renting out your first office space, note that anything can be negotiated. Negotiate the lease rate and every other expense that may accompany getting the office space.

By complying with the above listed top tips for renting your first office space, you will end up with a perfect decision that you will never regret that you made.

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