Why And How To Refinance Your Mortgage

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale September 26, 2020
Updated 2021/07/09 at 8:07 AM
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Refinancing your mortgage allows you to tap equity and save money. Fix your home refinance goals, and then compare fees and rates. However, with interests’ rate nose-diving daily, it is greatly advised to refinance your mortgage.

Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage refinancing means getting a new home loan in replacement of the existing one. So, if you can refinance into a loan with a lower interest rate than the existing one you are paying – you will be able to save more money.

Therefore, people refinance their mortgage to cut-down on the interest rate, tap into their home’s equity, or reduce the monthly payment. Besides, people refinance to settle their loans faster, switch from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate loan, or off-set the FHA mortgage insurance.

Why And When To Consider Refinancing

The most appropriate time to take up mortgage refinancing is when the interest rate goes below the point they were when you closed on your existing mortgage. Also, another good time to consider refinancing is when your credit improves to the level where you qualify to apply for a new loan with a lower interest rate.

So, what to consider is the point when you can bring down your interest rate by at least half a point, and you plan to reside in your home for only a few years.

The following are reasons that might necessitate you refinancing your home;

To cut down on monthly mortgage payment by getting a lower interest rate

To withdraw cash from the home’s equity under the cash-out refinance

To eradicate mortgage insurance if you have accumulated about 20% equity in your home

When the refinancing cost can be settled within a short period

To obtain a shorter loan term like a 15-year loan to replace a 30-year mortgage plan. With this, you can off-set the mortgage faster with less total interest paid.

To migrate to a fixed-rate loan from an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM). This is the most ideal if you foresee the rates skyrocketing soon because fixed-rate loans stay the same.

Engage Mortgage Refinance Calculator

The use of a refinance calculator can help you to get the best mortgage. Also, you would need a good knowledge of the amount of your new loan and new interest rate. After supplying the necessary information, it would calculate monthly savings, lifetime savings, and new payment considering the estimated costs of refinancing your mortgage.

The refinance calculator will help you know what to expect. Also, when you have estimates from lenders and enter their terms into the calculator, it would give which one is offering the best deals.

How To Refinance Mortgage

The process of refinancing your mortgage is quite similar to obtaining a mortgage when you buy your home newly.

So, the following steps are essential in the refinancing of your mortgage;

Create A Clear Financial Goal

At this point, you should be aware of why you are refinancing, is it to reduce the monthly payment, pull out equity repairs of the home, repayment of debts, or to reduce the term of your loan.

Therefore, if you are cutting down on interest rate but beginning a 30-year mortgage, you might pay less monthly but higher over the lifespan of the loan. This is because the chunk of the interest is paid at the initial years of your mortgage.

Confirm Your History And Credit Score

You will need to be eligible for refinancing your mortgage just as the way you needed to obtain approval for your home loan. Refinance rate lenders would assist you if you have a higher credit score. This also would boost your chances of underwriters getting your loans approved.

So, it is recommended to spend a few months boosting your credit score before going through the refinancing process.

How Much Home Equity Do You Have?

Your home equity is the value of your home above your balance to the bank on the mortgage. So, you need to go through your mortgage statement to know your present balance. Also, there is a need to search for a real estate agent to assess your home to know the current value. However, home equity is the difference between the current value of your home and the remaining balance.

Therefore, it’s possible to refinance a loan with 5% equity, but you can get a good rate if you have over 20% equity. So, the more the equity on your home, the less risky it is to lenders or banks.

Find Many Lenders

Quotes from several lenders can help you to save a lot of dollars. After choosing with a lender, agree on the best time to lock in your rates – this would make you not worry about rates sky-rocketing before the loan closes.

Also, look out for the cost of fees and whether it would be rolled into your new mortgage or whether they would be due upfront.

Be Open About Your Income

Ensure you present bank statements, federal tax returns, recent pay stubs, and other documents requested by the lenders. The lenders would check net worth and credit, so, be transparent with all liabilities and assets.

Get all these documents ready to make the process run smoothly.

Get Ready For The Appraisal

Mortgage refinance appraisal might be requested by some lenders to know the present value for a refinance approval. You would make some payment to get the appraisal done; a higher appraisal is guaranteed if you let the lenders know if repair works have been done on the property since buying the home.

Monitor Your Loan

It is often advisable to set up auto payments to stay current on your mortgage and keep all necessary documents. You could qualify for a lower rate if you embrace the auto-payment option.

So, the lenders can sell your loan in the market years later or immediately after closing the deal. This means that you would owe a different company, so, watch out for notices addressing this.

In conclusion, get quotes from more lenders, banks, or mortgage brokers and compare their charges that could increase the entire cost of the loan.




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