What You Need To Know About Non Owner Car Insurance

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale December 17, 2019
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Non owner car insurance

This post teaches you what you need to know about non owner car insurance. This is a car insurance coverage that covers when you use other people’s cars even if you don’t have your own car. The insurance policy covers injuries and the damage of property that you may cause to others in a car accident. But it does not cover any car you borrow or rent and injury you sustain assuming you crash a car. Also, if you regularly use other people’s cars, non-owner car insurance is not the best type of insurance for you. Besides, you ought to be listed in the car owner’s insurance policy.

But you may need this non-car insurance policy depending on your state and the insurer of the car that you usually borrow. Also, whether the car owners are related to you or not or if you have a legitimate driver’s license, you might need the non-owner car insurance. Let me explain how you can get it now.

Non owner car insurance

What You Need To Know About Non Owner Car Insurance

How to buy this car insurance

Not all insurance companies offer non owner car insurance. Below, I will give you a list of a few you could approach for insurance cover. Also, you cannot get the quote for a non owner car insurance policy online. But Progressive offers it to their existing customers. And many large Insurance companies also offer the service but, Allstate does not do so. You can also find an insurer’s Agent to process one for you. Furthermore, you may call these companies directly. They include

  • Acceptance at 877-405-7102,
  • American Family at 800-692-6326,
  • Geico at 800-207-7847
  • And State farm at 800-782-8332, and so on.

What non-owner car insurance covers

This insurance policy covers the type of coverage that you can obtain for your state only. Although you may choose limits that are higher than the minimums. The policy includes:

  • Liability coverage that covers property damage and injuries you may cause to others, other than your passengers.
  • Uninsured and under-insured motorist protection- With this cover you can claim the insurance if you’re injured in an accident that a driver without any or enough liability insurance caused.
  • Medical payments or personal injury protection- With this cover, you can claim damages to pay injuries after a wreck no matter who caused the accident

Non-owner car insurance policy does not include collision. Also, it does not include Comprehensive insurance where the insurance replaces or repairs your vehicle when an accident happens.

Non owner car insurance

Who needs a non owner car insurance?

Those that do not have a vehicle might own this car insurance policy. Also, you might need it in the following cases listed below.

  • If you need an SR-22 form filed on your behalf or an FR-44 form in Florida and Virginia to enable the government reinstate your driver’s license. Also, to prove that you have car insurance after you are convicted for DUI, but it is the insurer’s that will fill this form.
  • If your state need insurance to reinstate your driver’s license. In some states, they may ask for this insurance under the proof of financial responsibility law.
  • When you need to use a service like Zipcar or Car2go: This insurance is needed to supplement the liability coverage the car renting service offers. Also, it normally covers the minimum limit for your state. But if you wreck a car that exceeds that limit, you will pay for it yourself.
  • If you need to continue to keep an auto insurance policy. If you have no insurance cover when you buy a car, insurers charge you more saying you will be more risky to insure.
  • Also, if you rent cars often, this insurance policy may be cheaper than paying for liability coverage whenever you hire a car. Note that this insurance policy does not cover damage to the rented car. But you may get the coverage by using a credit card by buying a collision damage waiver from the rental company.
  • When you borrow other people’s cars regularly, then you may need non owner car insurance. I know that the car owner’s insurance policy usually insures the car in an accident. But if the cost is more than the car owner’s liability limits, then you have to pay the balance.

Non owner car insurance

What is the cost of non-owner car insurance?

The car insurance policy normally costs less than the amount you will pay if you had your own car. But if you want the insurer to file an SR-22 or FR-44 on your behalf, the cost will be high for any policy you take until you will not require any of those coverage anymore. In addition, the price you will pay depends on your age, driving record, and how regularly you will be driving plus other reasons.


In this post, I explained all you need to know about non owner Car Insurance policy. You need this insurance mainly if you drive other people’s cars or rent cars often. In some states, you will also need it for SR- 22 and FR-44 when your insurer will have to fill a form for you. Finally, you will need it to reinstate your driver’s license and so on.

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