Multinational companies that are accepting bitcoin payments!

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale March 12, 2022
Updated 2022/03/12 at 5:31 AM
Multinational companies that are accepting bitcoin payments

The cryptocurrency wave is ushering in the entire globe. People came to know about the acceptance of bitcoin in different companies when Elon musk announced to do the same in its company, tesla motors. After buying a massive amount of BTCs, Elon musk kept promoting bitcoin by addressing its benefits on the Twitter handle.

He skyrocketed the promotional aspects by making bitcoin an option for customers while paying for goods and services in tesla motors. However, the relationship between Elon Musk and bitcoin did not last for a very long time.

The chief executive officer of this company cited the environmental damage caused by every bitcoin exchange. If you want to earn money with bitcoin trading, check . Now bitcoin is not an option to pay in tesla motors, but many other companies are not concerned about the environmental damage. Below listed are some multinational companies that accept bitcoin payments.


Usually, people consider Microsoft as the early adopter of bitcoin, but PayPal, one of the biggest fintech companies, is also one of the early adopters of bitcoin. Microsoft announced allowing bitcoin payments by the end of 2014, and by the beginning of 2015, PayPal correspondingly announced that they would be accepting bitcoin payments very soon.

When Microsoft and PayPal accepted bitcoin payments, it was not abbreviated as BTC and abbreviated as XBT. The fundamental reason why PayPal added the feature of accepting bitcoin on their platform was to attract businesses. Businesses use this legendary token in a hefty amount to save transaction fees.


Starbucks started to accept bitcoin payments during the pandemic in 2020.

Starbucks joined hands with the bitcoin revolution in 2020. A customer is not allowed to pay outright bitcoin on the land-based store of Starbucks as installation of the official application of Starbucks is mandatory. For paying with bitcoin on Starbucks, you need to convert bitcoin into gift cards on the official application of Starbucks. In short, Starbucks has chosen the safest way to accept bitcoin without any loophole for illicit activities. Starbucks collaborated with a third party e-wallet named Bakkt to make bitcoin transactions in their company possible.

Whole foods!

Whole foods is the subsidiary of the biggest e-commerce company named Amazon. Whole Foods now accepts bitcoin as a payment method, and they started this act in 2019. The concept of QR scanners used to convert bitcoin immediately into fiat currencies was very fresh in the marketplace, and whole foods were one of the giant multinational companies to adopt this technology in the first place.

Both the subsidiaries of Amazon, which is Whole Foods and twitches, accept bitcoin payments, but the owner of these companies, amazon itself, is hesitating to make bitcoin a payment option. Recently rumours spread that Amazon will soon make bitcoin a viable payment option on their platform as it has announced plans to recruit a digital currency managing team. However, Amazon never confirmed any of these speculations.

Home Depot!

Home Depot was adopted by the QR scanner technology invented by the Winklevoss brothers, like whole foods. The technology developed by these two brothers has helped evolve the digital currency marketplace by a massive amount. Without these technologies, companies like home depot and home depot would not have accepted bitcoin payments. Home d├ęcor recently started to accept bitcoin payments.


Overstock is a very famous e-commerce platform just like amazon and e-bay. The speculation is that overstock is experimenting with digital currency payments even before Microsoft and PayPal. Due to their heavy engagement in the digital currency marketplace.

However, during the pandemic, overstock appeared in the leading e-commerce platform competing with amazon and e-bay. Overstock does not allow customers to pay with bitcoin for goods and services; however, retailers or sellers can quickly pay through bitcoin. If sellers use overstock, they have an upper hand of fewer transactions than another e-commerce platform. The majority of e-commerce platforms do not accept bitcoin payments. Therefore, it makes overstock a viable choice for the buyers.

The above-listed portions have listed some multinational companies that accept bitcoin payments.

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