Money Apps Tutorial: How to Use and Borrow Safely

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale January 1, 2022
Updated 2022/01/20 at 11:56 AM

If you have ever experienced a temporary financial issue, you should know how much stress and anxiety comes with it. Thousands of people face unforeseen monetary obstacles that prevent them from being financially stable and healthy. 

Well, if you find yourself in a tough financial situation and need additional funds, choosing money-borrowing apps may be a suitable short-term solution. Keep on reading to find out everything about this online tool and when it may help you remain financially stable.

What Are Money Borrowing Apps?

You may have already tried various borrowing opportunities before. Each of them has benefits and drawbacks. Conventional lending institutions have strict eligibility criteria so it may not be that easy to qualify for a personal loan. Credit unions and other lenders also have a tedious and time-consuming application process. So, many consumers ask how to borrow money from cash app and what it is. 

Borrowing apps are a peer-to-peer lending space where borrowers may obtain the necessary funding for the short term. It is generally stated that the money may be issued for up to four weeks to finance urgent monetary disruptions and help you cover unpredicted costs if you don’t have enough cash left until the next paycheck.

In fact, credit card balances keep on increasing together with the total household debt across the USA. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York’s Center for Microeconomic Data has recently issued its Quarterly Report on Household Debt and Credit which shows that the total household debt climbs to over $15 trillion in the third quarter of 2021.

How Americans with worsening finances are making ends meet

An interesting fact is that many of these apps have been working since 2013. They already offer several features and we are going to talk about them in detail a bit later. 

However, the main borrowing feature in the Cash App, for example, is now being tested and only a limited number of clients may experience this feature and try to obtain the extra money for their needs. Hopefully, they will launch this feature for all consumers soon.

How You Can Borrow Money from Apps

Let’s look at the example of borrowing in the Cash App. Because it is kind of similar to other borrowing apps. The process of borrowing money isn’t time-consuming at all. Apart from other traditional lending places and even alternative marketplace lenders, Cash App allows consumers to experience a new level of getting fast money without too much effort. 

There are several quick steps to receive additional funding at any time of the day:

Step 1: Open Cash App

Step 2: Choose the Cash App balance button at the lower-left corner

Step 3: Go to the “Banking” header

Step 4: Choose the Borrow button and tap it.

Step 5: Tap “Unlock” and find how much you can request

Step 6: Read the agreement

Step 7: Accept the agreement and get your money.

How Much Can You Borrow?

This Cash App will allow borrowers to obtain between $20 and $200 for their urgent money needs. Nowadays, this borrowing option isn’t available to every client. It is eligible just for 1000 people who have been using this app before. 

Fortunately, the app designers have persuaded us that this function will soon be available for everyone. They are planning to launch the Cash App borrow feature sometime soon.

Is a Cash App Safe?

This app is safe and secure to use. It offers several features to its clients and makes sure their personal and sensitive data is fully protected by:

  • Offering an option to disable the Cash App in case a user misplaced it or strives for having an additional level of security.
  • Integrating with the screen lock of the user’s phone. You may add Touch ID, PIN entry, facial recognition, or passcode for additional protection in case your smartphone gets stolen or lost.
  • Allowing consumers to set up text, email, or push alerts and notifications to help them monitor their activity. This feature may warn users about unusual account usage and protect their privacy.

What Other Features May App Have?

Currently, there are several useful features available in the Cash App. Consumers may take advantage of the following options:

  • Optional “Cash Card”: You may obtain a new card issued by Sutton Bank that won’t be linked to your personal bank account or any other debit card. This cash card may be used for money withdrawal from your app balance as well as other transactions.
  • Instant Cash Transfer: This feature allows clients to get and send their money 24/7. There are no fees for such transactions so it’s a useful option for sending or receiving cash at any time of the day.
  • “Cash Boots”: This Cash app’s feature helps clients get discounts at various stores. Users may choose various vendors or find relevant discounts at a wide range of places. There is an option to swap Cash Boosts a few times but you can activate just one cash boost at a time.
  • Cash bonuses: Another helpful feature is the ability to obtain $5.00 each time a new person registers in the app using your referral code. So, you may send this code to your relatives and friends and receive a bonus.
  • Free ATM withdrawal: If you set up direct deposits you will be able to benefit from a free ATM withdrawal each time you want to get some cash. If not, you will need to pay a $2.00 fee for cash withdrawal.
  • Stock Investing: You may invest at least $1.00 to purchase shares of particular companies using app. The user’s app balance will be utilized for every stock. If there aren’t enough funds, the money will be taken from the linked bank account of the client. Learn our step-by-step guide on how to buy stocks for newbies.
  • Bitcoin investing: there is a feature to sell or purchase bitcoins through the app. However, pay attention that you will be charged a service fee each time you may a transaction. Also, there is an extra fee that depends on price vitality across US exchanges.

In conclusion, payment apps are a great option for getting additional money for the short term. You should be careful and always read the agreement to evaluate all the pros and cons of the lending solution. Learn about the repayment terms and the total cost of borrowing so that you are fully protected from unforeseen costs.

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