Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Injury Claim

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale January 6, 2022
Updated 2022/01/06 at 12:30 PM
Mistakes That Will Hurt Your Injury Claim

As you get ready for your personal injury claim, as a claimant, you have to avoid making mistakes that are going to hurt your case. The defense attorneys working for the insurance companies use so many interesting tactics that aim to harm the claim. This is done even before a discussion happens about courtrooms.

To put yourself in the best possible situation, you need to look for an accident attorney near me. You need to get help from someone who knows the law since it is very complicated. Never underestimate what insurance adjusters and defense attorneys can do. Personal injury law is open to interpretation and you always have to take the right steps. With this in mind, here are the big mistakes that will hurt your injury claim.

Discussing The Case Too Much

We all know that when we discuss legal matters, we have the right to remain silent. With injury cases, the same rule applies. If you talk too much, it is only a matter of time until you say something that can compromise your case. The truth is the only individual you have to speak with and be open with is your injury attorney. Obviously, you will need to discuss things with the insurance company too but the lawyer can help you out during this conversation.

As a simple example, let’s say you make a claim after a slip and fall incident. The insurance adjuster calls you and wants to talk. Without even knowing it, you might admit you were looking at your phone or you were texting as the incident happened. This is something that will hurt your case.

Talking About The Case On Social Media

Most of us live online in one way or another. We post on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. The problem is all of the social networks can be visited by people. Insurance adjusters always look at your profiles as they look for ways to make your claim weaker.

For instance, when you post a recent photograph and you look good in it, this might lead to the conclusion that you were not as hurt as you claim you are. Something as simple as you smiling can be used against you.

Not Listening To Your Doctor

Your doctor always has your best interests in mind. They want you to heal and you have to respect all their recommendations and the advice given to you. Unfortunately, so many get in the habit of not trusting doctors. Do not do this and always keep your scheduled appointments. If you miss some, the insurance adjuster might conclude that this made your injury worse and it is your fault for it. As a result, the settlement offer is going to be smaller.

Make sure to save prescriptions, braces, casts, pill bottles, and bills. All of these are evidence that makes your case stronger.

Not Documenting Injuries

Last but not least, keep anything that might show how injured you are, regardless of how small it seems to you. Even an x-ray can become a crucial piece of evidence nobody can deny. Basically, take pictures, save everything the doctor gives you, and document what happens to you as much as you can. It is even highly beneficial to keep a pain journal.

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