How To Make The Workplace Suitable For Workers Returning To The Office

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale March 10, 2022
Updated 2022/03/10 at 9:03 PM
How To Make The Workplace Suitable For Workers Returning To The Office

When the pandemic first hit, many offices were forced to close their doors, leading to over half of people in employment were working from home. As restrictions are finally being lifted, working from home is no longer a necessity, so offices are starting to open their doors once more.

However, it is not as simple as just opening the doors, the way in which we work has completely shifted, so we need to make sure the office space is suitable for those returning. If you are planning to have your workers return to the office and need some advice on how to make the space suitable, then follow along for our top tips on how to transform your office.

An Office Fit Out

An office fit out could be just what you need to make your space suitable for those returning to the office. Whether it is a full return or adopting a hybrid work model, an office fit-out is a great way to transform an office space to be functional for your workers. An office fit out is different from refurbishment as it can sometimes be a process of completely restructuring the space as opposed to just redecorating.

Therefore, if you are considering an office fit out for your business, you should look into employing the services of office fit out contractors. Experts such as those at Amos Beech will be able to tell you what would work for your business and come up with a good design. There are a few types of office fit out- shell and core fit out, category A fit, and category B fit out. All of these types vary considerably, so it is important that you seek advice and help from an industry professional so they can help you make the best decision.


Refurbishment is a bit different from an office fit-out in that it is a complete re-imagining of the office space. Refurbishment could be a good idea if you feel like your office space is in need of a refreshed look. Often, offices can go years without being updated or refreshed, so now could be the perfect time to switch up the dated office space and give it a modern touch. Painting and redecorating are simple but effective ways to change up the office and make it seem more welcoming.

You could also consider investing in new office furniture so workers can feel comfortable upon their return to the office. Simple things like updated furniture and redecorating can effectively spruce up the office space and make it more comfortable for your returning workers. It is important to remember that they have been working from home for some time, so they would have got used to the comforts of their own home. Making the office as welcoming as possible will be a good way to support your workers, and it could lead to a boost in productivity.

Ask What Your Workers Need

Once you have decided on structural and aesthetic changes, you could also ask your workers what they need for their return to the office. Your workers may be spending up to five days in the space, so it would be a nice idea to ask them what they need to feel comfortable. Going back to the office space after so long of working from home is going to be a big adjustment, so you must consider their needs, so the transition is easier.

Perhaps organise a group meeting online a few months before their return and have an informal chat about what sort of things would make working in the office easier. Alternatively, you could create an anonymous online questionnaire so your workers can anonymously put through their suggestions without fear or judgement. Workers may feel pressured with the return to work anyway, and they may not be willing to make suggestions for improvement. Having an anonymous survey can lead people to give more honest and true opinions, which is always a good thing.

Covid Precautions

Although restrictions of covid have mostly been lifted, it is still wise to be covid safe in an office space. Even if you adopt a hybrid work model, there will still be a group of people from different households mixing in one space. This has the potential for covid to spread, so it would be good to implement some form of covid policies.

Having sanitiser stations positioned throughout the office could be an effective way to prevent the spread of germs and keep the office sanitary. Additionally, if you are going to be embracing the hybrid work model, you need to set out some kind of rota or schedule to prevent too many people in the office at one time. All of these as little things you can do to keep your workers safe and make the return to the office more comfortable.

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