How to Make Moving Affordable

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale April 2, 2021
Updated 2022/08/12 at 6:53 AM
How to Make Moving Affordable

Having to deal with considerable expenses is one of the main reasons why many people give up on the idea of moving even before they fully consider it. But what if you could do both – move to your dream home, and save some money along the way? Well, with only a few creative strategies and tips to follow, this is highly attainable. Money-saving plans do come in handy here, as in every other life situation. So, stay with us and learn how to make moving affordable. You will realize that this is possible without investing too much time or effort.

Plan your move well ahead

Planning well ahead is essential for any successful strategy. If you set your goals and make all calculations on time, there will be nothing to worry about later on. After spending your time devising a plan, you are more likely to actually stick to it. Even if something unplanned happens, you will have enough time to fix it. Finally, being ahead of schedule will allow you to catch up with different promotions and discounts. Everything from real estate to relocation expenses will be more affordable if you give yourself enough time to research the market.

Contact the right moving company on time

Finding reliable and trustworthy movers on time will give you a better chance of saving on moving expenses. Not only will you avoid common frauds, but you will be able to choose among different moving companies and their price ranges, as well. Since movers’ fees are among the most significant expenses to plan for when moving house, leaving some extra time to find reliable movers is highly advisable.

Become the master of negotiations

Great negotiation skills can take you a long way. Keep in mind that, no matter how persuasive your real estate agent or moving partner is, their price lists are not written in stone. Most of the time, they are open to negotiation. It is in their best interest to keep you as a customer. So, it’s always a good idea to try to lower the price. Usually, if you give your movers enough time to plan, and if you are not too particular about the relocation date, you can get a nice discount.

Do it yourself strategies to make moving affordable

It is impossible to plan and execute the move all alone, especially a long-distance or international move. Finding adequate professional help is crucial. However, in order to save, try to think of the tasks you can do without paid assistance. Here are a few suggestions.

Gather affordable packing supplies

Packing supplies may not be the most expensive part, but they certainly are a considerable one. Instead of paying for brand new boxes and professional packing services, try to use some you already own.

  • Utilize all quality suitcases and crates you already possess.
  • Gather packing materials from local stores and malls.
  • And finally,don’t let packing supplies go to waste. Double-check each corner of your home. If you reuse your moving supplies, you will be kind not only to your wallet but to our environment as well.

Consider a garage sale

Garage sales are an excellent way to earn some extra money for your move. Not only will you earn by selling, but you will save even more by avoiding relocating those heavy and bulky items that you don’t need any longer. Besides, garage sales are fun most of the time, and they are a convenient way to say goodbye to your old neighborhood, as well.

Prepare your new home by yourself

Instead of paying for expensive cleaning services and interior designing, try to do it by yourself. Arranging your new home is quite an intimate task, and it is better if you do it with your family’s help. So, decide which family member is most suitable for which task. In the end, you can hire professional help for tasks none of you can do well, instead of paying for them to cover everything.

Increase the value of your current home

There are various ways to increase the value of your real estate property. Selling your old home for a higher price will surely help your ends meet. Here are a few tips on how to do that.

  • Keep your garden neat – it is what potential buyers will see first and first impressions matter.
  • Paint the walls – they will make your house look newer.
  • Replace old pieces of furniture – if you are selling a fully furnished home, this will help you get a better offer.
  • Have your plumber and electrician check everything – the more functional a house is, the easier it will be to sell it.

Ask your employer for a relocation plan

Most employers, nowadays, offer complete relocation plans to attract expert personnel. If you are relocating for work, don’t forget to ask your new company about the remunerations. This is an exceptional opportunity to make moving affordable. With the right moving plan, your expenses will be close to minimal. And even if your relocation plan doesn’t cover absolutely everything, it will surely make a difference in your moving expenses.


Final thoughts

The more effort and time you invest, the less you will have to pay for professional services. Putting your mind to work and giving yourself enough time to plan everything will ultimately lead to a win-win situation. So, make sure to do some online research and gather practical finance tips. After all, when trying to make moving affordable it all comes down to strategic solutions and mathematics.


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