Top 10 Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

This post shows you how to make money online for free. If you are a modern-day reward hunter this is the place to be. So read this piece and learn how easy it is to make free money online. Yes, you read that right. if you are wondering if real companies give out money free because they are nice? The answer is that these companies also have something to gain. I know you would love to increase your savings in a legitimate way that promises to give away free money.  getting free money could lower your credit card debts and grocery expenses that keep growing no matter how hard you try to trim them.

Not to worry, you will be able to get free money to help you take care of a few bills and increase your savings. The internet makes it easy for you to benefit from the information explosion today. On the internet, you could sign up for free offers, fill out some paid surveys, watch videos and answer a few questionnaires and get paid. Even banks are not left out as they offer you a bonus to deposit money.  Let me show you these websites to help you learn how to make money online for free.

how to make money online for free

How to make money online for free

  1. Give your opinions for money

The online survey has become the fastest way of making free money. There are survey sites that pay you for signing up and to do simple surveys. Some want you to test products and give your opinion on those products.

While others want you to give sincere answers to easy questions about some products and services. So to start cashing in on these sites, sign up and start doing these surveys. Some real sites that you can trust include Survey Junkie, Vindale research, Pincone research, and iSurvey world.

  1. Earn a free $5 Signing up for Inbox Dollars

If you like to learn how to make money online for free, try signing up for Inbox dollars. Inbox Dollars pays you dollars for doing simple tasks on their website. It is so simple you wonder why they do it. The tasks include using their website to play games, completing surveys or questionnaires, and printing grocery coupons.

And you can earn an additional $20 to $30 each month if you use their website regularly. And when you sign up you get $5 dollars for it. Get your free money right away.

  1. Get easy $10 from Ebates

Ebates formerly Rakuten is a gold mine for doing different types of online tasks. For instance, you get a welcome bonus of $10 when you sign up and make a $25 purchase. To earn just open an account and spend $25 at a participating online store like,, or to get the $10  bonus.

And when you continue to use ebates you keep earning as you shop online. In some shops, you could earn up to 40 percent cash back.

how to make money online for free

  1. Allow trim to help you save money

Get information on how to make money online for free by getting the trim app. The Trim app keeps track of all you are spending and then automatically saves money for you and cuts out recurring charges on services you don’t use anymore.

Trime helps you to manage debt and trim your spending. Also, the app checks the competitor’s prices of products like Vehicle Insurance so that you get the best rates.

  1. Micro investing apps

Do you think it is only when you invest money that you make money? No. There are apps that will pay you cash to sign up?  Yes, when you sign up for stash invest and acorns you get a welcome bonus of $5 dollars each.

  1. Get a bank bonus

Another way on how to make money online for free is by starting a relationship with your bank. There are many bank bonuses that you can get just for signing up for direct deposit and for putting a specific amount of cash on deposit.

The bonuses will keep accumulating from one bank to the other.  But you should confirm what obtains in your local areas and read the fine prints before you deposit your money.

For example, Some of the best offers include the following banks. Chase Bank gives $100 to all new customers, Bank of America gives $100 if you create a direct deposit for your account. Citibank will give you a bonus of $400 for $5k and Discover gives you $150 for depositing $15k and $200 for a 20k deposit. You can also get a bank bonus when you set up a high yielding savings account.

  1. Get paid to make a budget

Budgeting has suddenly become lucrative. And if you are the type that always puts getting your finances in order off, then listen up. There are companies that will pay you, if you let them help you manage your finances. These companies include MeetCleo and Digit that will give you a $5 welcome bonus. So what are you waiting for start today.

  1. Get paid to take selfies

If you love taking photos of yourself learn how to make money online for free taking selfies. The is may sound funny but the truth is that there is a company that will pay you to take pictures of yourself in many locations. They collect this information for companies to use for marketing in different parts of the country. Also, the data is demographic and include age, gender, race, and so on. When you take the first picture of yourself you will get $1. Use these selfies to rack up some earnings.

how to make money online for free

  1. Swagbucks

It is easy to earn in Swagbucks. Swagbucks, pays you money to shop online, watch videos, surf the internet, answer survey questions. And the best part is that you can redeem your earnings easily through different kinds of gift cards or turn your points into PayPal cash. To experience the easy earning from this website, Signup free and surf the internet but this time get paid for surfing the internet

  1. Earn a Guaranteed $1,000 form Lyft

Another method on how to make money online for free is by driving for Lyft. Earn this easy $1,000 driving for lyft. Lyft is the competitor of uber. Their rides are cheaper and some people say their experience with them is better. The company is offering you $1,000 to become a lyft driver in a program they call earnings guaranteed. According to the lyft website, this is a PROMO that will make sure a Driver earns the guaranteed amount in a given time frame. And if that does not happen, lyft will come up with the difference. Try it now.


In this article, you got a list of 10 ways of how to make money online for free. These methods are proven and can increase your savings account. Most of them involve doing simple things you can do for free online like watching videos. Besides, others involve depositing money in your own account and the biggest is driving for lyft to earn $1,000. Try these suggestions now and share your experience on this site.

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