10 Best Ways To Earn Some Cash As A Teenager

In this article, the focus is on how to make money as a teenager. We know that child labor laws have reduced the number of jobs that young people can do. But there are simple ways to make money as a teenager that you can try. Also, if you need some extra cash from your parents you may not get it. And that is why you need to earn your own money. And it is almost impossible to persuade your parents to increase your allowance when you are not offering anything in return. So you can read through this list and select ideas that you like and start implementing them immediately.

Also, some of these ideas depend on the area you live in, your age, and how much of an entrepreneur you are. Besides, most of these things need only a little planning and no money to start. All you need to do is to put up a few notices to advertise your services and willingness to work.  Let us learn how to make money as a teenager right away.

how to make money as a teenager

How To Make Money As A Teenager

  1. Check Bicycle Tire Pressure

Look for an area that has a lot of cyclists and put up a sign that says check your bicycle tire pressure free. The area could be near a college campus, a park and a shopping center. Also, just refill the tire pressure for folks when the pressure is low. And then keep a box to collect donations from those that receive your help.

Many will be glad you are asking for help in a creative way and donate to let you earn money in a descent way. But you must ask for the permission of the owners of the place you want to set up a temporary shop.

  1. Deliver Newspapers

This method of how to make money as a teenager is a bit old fashioned. But in some areas, they still offer Daily Newspapers in the morning or evening. There are also weekly papers. You can start delivering both daily and weekly papers. But you need to have a bicycle to move freely. Also, note that Sunday delivery pays more than daily delivery rounds. And if there is no Newspaper delivery business in your area, you can start it. The fact is that one of Britain’s Wealthiest man Duncan Bannatyne did it.

  1. Organize a Garage Sale

Ask permission from your parents to help them de-clutter your house. Also, look for items in your grandparent’s home, uncles, neighbors and so on. Many people have things that they want to get rid off. The owners of these things will feel good that you can even earn money out of them.

You may also share the money you earn with a charity to boost your sales and to get more things from good people that you can sell. To start, place a sign to show that you would give 10 % of the sales to “the motherless baby” charity for instance.

how to make money as a teenager

  1. Wash cars

Washing cars for neighbors and family is one of the best tips on how to make money as a teenager. Many car owners do not like to wash their cars personally. That is why you have so many car wash and drive through. Also, if you start this business it could give you enough income on a weekly basis.

To set up this business up you need a bucket, sponges, and a cleaner. You can wipe the car exterior and also dry-clean inside the car by Vacuuming the upholstery.

  1. Collect Recyclables

Start collecting cans, bottles, or plastics. Check if this is possible in your area and do not break the law. Ask your neighbors to keep these items for you instead of putting them in their bins. And the find a place to keep them and make sure they are clean and carry them to the recycling centre. Ask your parents or siblings to drive you there with these items. But make sure the containers don’t leak any liquids into the car that is transporting it free for you.

  1. Babysitting

Babysitting is another way on how to make money as a teenager that you can try. This task depends on your age and the level of responsibility you have shown in the past. You may start babysitting other people’s children. In this task, if the parents of these babies can depend on you, you will have a lot of clients.

Both male and female teenagers can do babysitting. Also, you can take your homework with you and when the children fall asleep you can do your homework peacefully.

how to make money as a teenager

  1. Ironing Service From Home

To learn how to iron properly you can watch your mother or father when they are ironing clothes.  After a while take up this task in your home to gain experience and some more allowance from your parents. And just like washing cars, many people hate to iron their own clothes. So you will have enough clients and earn enough money weekly and can even start it as a full time business.

  1. Yard Work

You can also try doing Yard Work for folks. This strategy makes this list on how to make money as a teenager because it is lucrative. You could offer to do this task of either weeding or mowing on a bi-weekly basis. You can start with a lawn and if your work is good you will soon have more clients than you can handle.

Besides, you could earn a lot of money. Some people started this yard work when they were teenagers and have kept on doing it even as adults. Also, you can expand this business into landscape gardening.

  1. Pool Lifeguard

This is normally a seasonal opportunity for those that love being at the pool. But to do this job, you must have a lifeguard training. Also, if you start this work you will make enough money during the summer months.

  1. Give Music Lessons

If you are looking for how to make money as a teenager, you could teach music. Do you play a musical instrument, and are very good at it? If you are then you could provide the service of a private music teacher for kids. As you know, the Kids would often respond better to other kids or especially teenagers, when they want to learn anything.

So if you have the patience to teach musical skills, this is an opportunity that you can expand in the future into a business. To get clients, visit neighborhood schools and speak with school music teachers and offer your services to work with students.

how to make money as a teenager


This post explains how to make money as a teenager. There are 10 ways you can consider in this article. They are all things that you can do with little or no training except for a few. Also, you don’t need money to start many of them. Give them a try and smile to the bank as a teenager. You could even turn some of them into full time business in the future. Start any of them now.

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