How to Lower your Electricity Bill?

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale April 18, 2022
Updated 2022/04/18 at 9:56 PM
How to Lower your Electricity Bill

Do you struggle with paying pretty high electricity bills? While keeping the lights on is not cheap, a typical family spends more than $1000 on electricity. Counting the utilities like a water heater, hair straightening tools, washing machine, drying machine, heating system, air conditioning, stove, etc., can increase the amount on the electricity bill at the end of the month. You can try some effective ways to save money like fixing leaking ductwork, adjusting your freezer and fridge temperature, replacing the showerhead, do not wash clothes in hot water, fixing leaky faucets, or give your thermostat a nudge. Or you can opt for a company that offers better deals on the power supply. You can compare power companies and the packages they offer with the incentive to choose one based on your requirements.

How to Lower the Bill in the Kitchen?

Since most of the tools, equipment, and items are located in the kitchen, it’s reasonable that we start there. If you want to make some changes around the house, you can utilize some of these tips.

Adjust Fridge Temperature

Raising the refrigerator temperature can save you hundreds of dollars. The food needs a temperature of 36 to 38 Fahrenheit and many fridges have their programs in 2-5 degrees lower temperatures than needed. Your freezer compartment needs to be set between 0 and -5 Fahrenheit to function properly. Keep the freezer and fridge full, because when they are stocked completely, less energy is required to keep them cold. This way the temperature inside can be regulated. Extra tip – use bags of ice or water in any open spaces to fill in the empty spaces.

Unplug Kitchen Appliances

Another useful tip is to turn off and unplug the coffee maker if you head out. Coffee makers have some features that can run all day, so if it’s plugged in, it still uses energy even though you are not using it. Plug in all of the kitchen appliances into one power strip so you can turn them off all at once.

Use the Dishwasher Instead of Washing Dishes by Hand

Regarding the dishwasher, it’s a myth that by handwashing the dishes you’ll spend less water than by turning on the dishwasher. As a matter of fact, you spend 9 times more the amount of water by handwashing the dishes. The dishwasher will save you up to 5.000 gallons of water in a year, which means you can save a lot of money on water and electricity.

Set Exact Temperature on the Broiler

Instead of avoiding using the broiler, you can set the exact temperature adjusted for hands and go from there. Since the broiler requires a lot of energy in a short time so it can operate properly, you can use these tactics to reduce the bill.

How to Lower the Bill in the Bathroom

Some of these tips will help you reduce the electricity bill by applying certain measures concerning the dryer machine, washing machine, and water heater device.

Keep the Dryer Exhaust Clean

You need to clean the dryer exhaust with a lint remover kit so the airflow can be increased. This will help the dryer to run more efficiently and your clothes will be dry in no time. And every time you use the dryer, you can use dryer balls to help you put the wet clothes in the drying chamber with hot air. Another tip is to do your laundry at night since the electricity is cheaper at night. Wash the clothes in cold water now and then because the temperature in the washing machine is not as important when it comes to washing the clothes.


Well, as we mentioned earlier, keeping the lights on all the time is not cheap. It all comes with a price. Reducing the lighting cost can improve your electricity bill significantly and save you a couple more dollars.

Change to LED

Switching your lights to LED can save you 4 times less energy and electricity. If you change every single bulb in your house, you will start saving money. However, the LED bulbs are slightly more expensive than the regular ones, but remember, you will be saving in the long run.

Use Power Strips

With the use of smart power strips, you can save a lot of money because you can turn off and on all of the devices at once instead of unplugging each individually. Hence, you need to use a power strip on those devices you use less frequently so you don’t have to plug and unplug all the time. And if you are using more adapters, multiple modems, routers, etc, you can avoid Internet connection disruptions by adjusting the on/off power on the strip and have a seamless online experience.

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