How Apps Can Steal Your Money

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale January 14, 2022
Updated 2022/01/14 at 4:35 PM
How Apps Can Steal Your Money

Whenever you log in to banking apps, built-in software safeguards and confirms your identity. Some people also utilize financial services such as Payfone to authenticate the phone used to log in to any financial or banking app.

Despite this, not all applications have updated their security safeguards, and many leave them open to interception. However, clients at times prioritize convenience over security precautions, which are wrong. As a result, they leave themselves vulnerable to thieves.

Hackers are constantly refining their hacking techniques, and with the help of new technologies, they are getting pro in what they do. Hence, you must look out for fraud apps that expose the users and take security measures like VeePN.

You must be wondering how someone can hack my cash app with my tag? Continue reading to know about this. also to learn What app gets hacked the most? And how to secure them.


1.  Hackers Controlling Your Phone:

Consider if you receive an email informing you that your passwords have been changed on your accounts and the one who did this is not you. What will you do then? You’ll be left with nothing to do with bare hands as the hacker would access all your valuable assets right away before you even try to recover your account.

Hackers are extremely cunning and are becoming pro with new technologies. Hence, to stay safe, all you can do is take precautions to protect your data beforehand. You can download vpn firefox extension for your desktop or download VPN free on your mobile phones. A VPN, in a nutshell, conceals your network communication while masking your network identities. Third parties will be unable to trace your internet activity or steal your valuable data as a result of this. Your IP address is hidden with a VPN because your network traffic is routed through a specifically configured remote computer.

On the other hand, you must also make a PIN on your cell phone provider account. Doing so, if someone’s call to make changes through the phone, they would not easily make essential adjustments. However, double-check your PIN to ensure that it is genuine. Please avoid using your birth date or such information because hackers can easily access them.

Besides this, certain apps provide some functions that enable you to secure your cell phone from hackers. For instance, Venmo enables you to set a Touch ID so that every time you open the app, you can’t access it without this. If not, anyone can log into your phone and expand your bank account.


2. Criminals excessing Transaction PINs:

Banks have vastly improved the ways to alert their clients of fraudulent behavior in the past few years. For example, banks often give you an email notification or a text message asking you to verify an unusual purchase or of a large amount instead of calling you. Hence, be aware because thieves are now manipulating by calling the customers.

Wondering how a bank account is hacked through the phone? Here’s the answer to it. Hackers utilize the “I forgot my password” prompt. Doing, so a code is sent to the phone, then they call and manipulate it so that the client repeats the code over the phone, pretending to be a customer service representative. This way, they can change your password and gain access to your personal information, and instantly get access to your valuable asset.


3. Online purchasing:

Gaining access to your card information and using it to make online purchases is not an issue for hackers. In fact, they have not started to use the pickup service when they attempt to make online purchases to play safe. In many circumstances, retail websites allow you to designate a different person to pick up the item you’ve ordered. As a result, thieves can avoid having to provide identification. Worse, crooks are misdirecting retailers by exploiting the in-store option.

Hence, take measures beforehand to secure your asset. We would suggest you to incorporate red flags like firefox flags so that they alert you if a transaction is shipped to a different location than the billing one. On the other hand, get a VeePN so that your personal information doesn’t get exposed while using any app or website.


4. Accessing Your Online Transaction:

Banks are making a mobile feature allowing the customers to withdraw money from an ATM through a digital wallet or by using a one-time PIN, eliminating the need for a debit card.

Usually, ATM withdrawals are limited to $500. However, this new feature’s maximum withdrawal limit is $3,000, which is excellent if you’ve misplaced your debit card. However, it’s just another avenue for fraudsters to take advantage of you.

As a result, hackers may access the banking application and initiate online ATM transactions once your smartphone is hacked. Hence, to prevent unauthorized access to your banking application, you should enable Touch ID security or use a complex password.

Are apps Safe?

Not all apps are safe. Recently, researchers have uncovered a number of new malicious Android apps that can steal your money. As a result, Google apparently removed a number of apps from their Play Store as they’re infected with the malware Joker. It uses a small amount of code that is difficult to detect. Moreover, it uses a technique known as ‘Dropper’ to avoid security scans of Google. This way, it easily gains access to the user’s device. A few of such alarming apps are as follows:

  1. Tangram App Lock
  2. Direct Messenger
  3. Private SMS
  4. Style Photo Collage
  5. Meticulous Scanner
  6. Desire Translate
  7. Care Message
  8. Blue Scanner
  9. Safety AppLock
  10. Emoji Wallpaper


Can apps steal your money?

Yes! These apps can steal your money. The malware uses these applications to subscribe to the services without the user’s consent and informing them. It initially imitates ad interaction and then exploits the victim’s SMS messages to make payments. The users are completely ignorant of the subscription that has been set up on their behalf.

Concluding here as we believe that the above information provided is enough to tackle your concerns. Note that even though Google removed them from the App Store, they still can harm you haven’t erased them yet. Hence, search through the apps installed on your smartphone and remove them now. Also, don’t forget to have a back of security VeePN. If not sure, you can take a free trial of it to know what it is before you get started with it.

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