Home Inspection: Serious Mistakes That Buyers And Sellers Make

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale September 27, 2020
Updated 2020/09/27 at 3:57 PM
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Yes! It’s a nice house, I know but, the question is why are you spending money on renovations? One major problem people have (especially buyers), is that they don’t want to spend enough money to get a good licensed house inspector, that will come to inspect their property to find issues because the cost of the house is high. But that is very wrong. There are more serious home inspection mistakes that sellers and buyers make.


I understand that you are actually considering the cost of the building, I mean, who doesn’t consider the cost of goods before buying? No one! But let me ask you a question, would you rather save $300 and pay about $12,000 in the future, than spend $300 and save yourself from a huge amount of cost in the future? No, right? But most buyers still do that.

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Home Inspection

One thing you need to understand here is that inspecting your home, is very important in the home buying process, and also in the home selling process. That’s if you need to save yourself from huge costs in the future.


Most buyers and sellers actually get inspectors to inspect their home before buying or selling, and still pay huge amounts of money again. It happens most times as a result of the mistakes they’ve made somehow. So, it’s very important to learn these mistakes, and how to prevent them.


So, I’m going to discuss the major mistakes made by buyers and sellers when inspecting a house. But before then, let’s know what a home inspection is.


What Is A Home Inspection?


A home inspection, is an examination that is carried out by a home inspector to check the current condition of a home. These inspections are usually carried out by a well trained and certified home inspector.


It is said that most people do get problems differentiating a home inspector from an estate appraisal.


Difference Between A Home Inspector And An Estate Appraisal


A home inspector is the one to figure out the conditions of a home/structure, while an estate appraisal is the one to find and determine the value of a property. 


So the difference between them is very clear. They are not the same but somehow, there is misconception between a home inspector and an estate appraisal.


Now, let’s talk about the mistakes made by most buyers and sellers when inspecting a house.


Mistakes Made By Buyers And Sellers When Inspecting A House


During the buying and selling process of a home, the most important part or crucial part is the inspection process. That’s because the home inspection’s outcome or end result, can determine whether a house should be well sold or not. In the next paragraph, I’m going to be discussing the major mistakes that buyers and sellers make, that you should avoid.


They Fail To Carry Out Proper Research


When I was a kid, my grandfather would say to me whenever I’m preparing for an examination test, “failing to hold the lead rope of the horse before beating it, would only make you lose control and fall after which the horse had already taken off”.


If you can’t carry out a proper research on the home inspector you want to hire, then you might probably pay 10 times the amount you used to hire the home inspector. There would surely be a huge difference between hiring the right home inspector to inspect your home for you, and hiring someone you don’t even know about. It’s a common mistake for buyers and sellers to skip proper research on the ability of the home inspector you are about to hire, and that isn’t really good.


There are some essential questions to ask when doing your home inspection. Make enquiries like:


  • How many years of experience they’ve got.


  • Try to inquire about their training.


  • Qualifications are also going to be needed.


  • It is also very important to know the numbers of homes/times they’ve inspected.


  • Don’t forget to ask for their sample report. It is very important because you will know the kind of report they are going to be giving you.


Scanning Through The Home Report


Yeah, I know going through the home inspection report might be really stressful most times, because you would have to go through the home’s electrical system, the cooling system, foundation, roofing, plumbing, and sometimes the heating system.


That’s why most buyers and sellers scan through the home inspection report, while some won’t even through it. 


But that’s a very big mistake, because not going through the report thoroughly or not reading the report, can actually make you miss important information, and as a result, you won’t be able to address important problems in the home. I’m 100% sure you won’t want that.


Choosing Cheaper Option


Trying to prevent spending much money, buyers and sellers would actually go search for home inspectors who charge at a low rate and hire them.


Now let me ask this question, as a buyer or a seller, you are either trying to sell a home or buy a home right that you can greatly benefit from, right? Of course! Then why go for a cheaper rate of something that can determine the sales of the home, or something that would save you a huge amount of money after buying it? 


Let me tell you a secret today, if you save money hiring a home inspector, you might lose 10 times the money you actually used to hire the home inspector in the first place.


Many people don’t  know this secret, that’s why they are always having trouble repairing their home.


Hiring The Inexperienced


Let me tell you another secret. Do you know that repairing a home is as important as inspecting it? Yes it is, in fact, it’s a bit more important than the inspection.


This is a secret that most buyers and sellers don’t know, that’s why they tend to hire cheap labor, after having the home inspected and knowing about the issue. So, for you to prevent this mistake, hire a professional repairer. This is very important because it could result in spending 10 times the money used to hire the inexperienced repairer.


Being Absent During Inspection


It is very important for buyers and sellers to be present during inspection. That way, the buyer and seller will observe the whole process, and they will  also get the chance to inquire more information on whatever problem may arrive.


Also, this is the best time for you a summary of the problem and  possible solutions to the problem.


In conclusion, it is a good thing to invest in your building, find great home inspectors and professional repairers.


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