How Google My Business Can Help Your Company

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale August 17, 2020
Updated 2020/08/17 at 12:26 PM
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Google My Business is an excellent way to get your business information to the reach of your potential customers online. Your potential customers will be able to access information such as your type of business, products or services you offer, location, and your business contact information on Google Search engines. When people search for your online, with Google My Business, you’ll show up on the first page of Google search engine results.

Google My Business
Google My Business

This free tool makes it affordable for small, medium, and big businesses to gain more presence and more customers. And also assists you in managing your online presence and so much more. We’ll highlight more benefits you’d get from making use of a very powerful tool such as Google My Business in growing your businesses.

Google My Business

1. Marketing Is Free


Google My Business gives your business free marketing opportunities to leverage on huge traffic on Google search. You do not have to pay anything. Everything is done freely to help your business expand. Your customers will not only have access to your company’s details online, they will also be able to make their decisions about your products or services through reviews and feedback which are already provided by other customers that have experienced them.¬†


They will also have access to the looks of your business, office location, the company’s entrance, and photos of the area will guide new customers into locating the business. Some customers will find your company while searching categories that are also relevant to your industry. For instance, a potential customer can type in ‘indoor private pool’ in Google Search or Google Maps and related results will surface.


2.  Insights 


You’ll be able to get insights with the powerful Google tool to identify the location and the direct contacts received from potential customers from listed phone contacts on local search, whether on Search and Maps. The insights you’d receive with this tool will give you an edge on your marketing campaign and strategies, since you now have a clearer idea of who specifically your customers are and the way they relate with your business. And also where to direct your campaign on demographics and geography for the best results. All these will be centred around the data provided by the tool about your customers.


3. Feedback


Your potential customers would be very appreciative to have firsthand information about your business provided by other customers who have harnessed your products and services. This great feature is of immense benefit to your business. You’ll also be able to discover what your customers are thinking about you and how they view your services to the public. This helps you know what and where to make necessary adjustments to improve your services or products.


If a customer reveals dissatisfaction with your services, it is easy for you to reach them and compensate them for their poor experience. This experience will serve as a boost to the positive relationship that most of your customers already have to your company, and will offer great reviews and even recommend to others who need the service.


4. Be Identifiable


Everyone around the globe searches for diverse things online. And there is a massive range of search intents of anyone surfing the net. Google My Business will help you and your business to be easily recognized and identified among a sea of others online.


So, if someone comes online to search for a place that provides a particular cuisine,which your company also offers, then your restaurant will surface as one of the top options provided by Google.


5. Credibility And Ease


Well, since it is important we make things easy for our customers and ourselves for the growth of our business, hence he needs to employ Google My Business. It becomes easier for potential clients or customers to know about us, locate us, and do business with us. Your opening hours, contact address, and contact numbers will create that credibility in the eyes of those who already generated interest in what you do. This will be very important to getting your products or services into the hands of your customers.


The fact that your business is listed on Google Maps gives potential customers confidence in you, and increases the likelihood of being contacted. According to new study, about 70% of your potential customers will visit you when you are with a Google My Business listing, and are two-times more likely to trust your company.


In conclusion, technology has become a very crucial part of everyone’s life, and it is only important that we all stay abreast and relevant with the wave of things. The internet has made a lot of things easier for corporations and individuals in reaching their potential customers. Googling resources is the path everyone threads, so being with Google My Business will offer you more popularity and thereby grow your business.


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