10 free budgeting templates and customizable personal finance spreadsheets

Chidera Onyegubor
Chidera Onyegubor June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 4:56 PM
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Are you in need of free budgeting templates? Then you need these customizable personal finance spreadsheets and monthly budget templates to help you get through your budgeting needs fast and easy. 

Money is to living your life as budgeting is to maintaining the quality of life.

You can only achieve an acceptable standard of living if you manage your funds properly. Hence, keeping track of your expenses in a budget spreadsheet will make managing your funds much easier.

You cannot overlook that the only way you can manage your finances and ensure that you keep track of your spending habits is by budgeting.

Budgeting allows you to conserve your finances, checkmate your spending habit, and keep you far from incurring debts that hurt your financial stability in the long run. But then you need great and free budgeting templates to get the work done. 

Managing your finances can seem very difficult, and you might want to use certain apps to analyze your financial data. However, some come security and privacy risks you wouldn’t want to put aside, but this should not be the case. 

So, we bring you free budgeting templates and customizable personal finance spreadsheets. 

Spreadsheets and Personal Finance: Where it all began 

In 1979, Dan Bricklin and Bob Frankston developed the first financial spreadsheet program. From the time of development till now, most businesses and governments have used this technology.

They have incorporated spreadsheets in all their financial matters, from creating budgets to generating reports and even keeping track of their spending.

Spreadsheets allow you to track your income and expenses, which helps you efficiently use your finances and allocate ‘what money to what needs.’

 As a business would do, you can also use this spreadsheet to manage all your finance data in one place for easier accessibility and reading.

Let’s discuss the best and free budgeting templates and customizable finance spreadsheets without further ado.


1) The Federal Trade Commission Spreadsheet – Best basic budgeting template 

Analyzing different figures and sums can feel like a big deal in budgeting. The Federal Trade Commission spreadsheet delivers a website that educates you about your money and budgeting process. 

One good thing about this free budgeting template is that it is easy to use, even for those who have not done any budgeting before.

By downloading the Pdf (Make a Budget worksheet) from the tab “Toolbox” at consumer.gov and completing the fields, you can see your income level against what you have been spending.

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2) Notion Tracker – Best free budgeting template for small businesses

Notion is an amazing software that boosts your productivity in all ways. You can also use Notion to track your finances. There are tons of tools here, making this free budgeting template exceptional because it is ideal for solopreneurs and freelancers. You can track three components where your money is (account), spending categories (budget), and transactions (income and expenses). You will also love that the budgeting sheet auto-updates. Do note that you can also use this as your personal budget template. 

3)Vertex42 Spreadsheets – precise, free and simple way to track your budgeting nee d

The Vertex42 offers an easily usable spreadsheet that allows you to create your different budgeting needs. It is one of the best out there, so whether you are new to using spreadsheets or have little knowledge of this application, this is your best bet.

This spreadsheet offers simplicity at its peak as it gives you a clear understanding of which expenses are for this income. You can customize all categories to your preferences and needs.

If you are looking at making a monthly budget for your family rituals or what to get for the holidays, Vertex42, like I told you earlier, is your best bet. 

You can track your budgeting needs by downloading for free and accessing the Vertex42 on your spreadsheet program using either Microsoft Excel or Google Docs. 

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4) Google Drive Free Budget Spreadsheet – Best for budgeting on the go

The Google Drive sheet is for you if you want to be able to create, upload, and share your spreadsheet on the cloud. This spreadsheet uses a cloud-based storage system that allows you to use its free templates.

If you have a Gmail account, you already have about 15Mb free storage space to share all your budget plans unless you upgrade to a premium account later to get additional storage space.

There are readily available tools on Google Drive Sheets that you can use easily to share your budgets on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. You don’t have to know how to start calculating the amount spent and percentage value because these tools automatically do that for you.

One good thing about this spreadsheet is that you can use the budgeting templates for free with no monthly fee attached and easily share them with your family via Gmail.

Everyone can partake in the budgeting process. So even if you do not have a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on your laptop, Google Drive Sheets is a great choice.

Sign in at google.com/sheets to get started.

best free budgeting templates

5) Mint Spreadsheet – Best budgeting app and template

The Mint spreadsheet offers you a budget template you can customize. It also has a mobile app that helps you manage your finances.

There are various templates that you can choose from to suit your needs. Whether you want to track your expenses, know your net worth, or look at your financial accounts, you can do them with this spreadsheet.

 Once you select your preferred budget, you use the already prepared format to help you categorize all spending.

Simply go to Mint (https://www.mint.com/budgeting-3/keep-track-of-your-finances-with-a-free-budget-template) and download an Excel file to get started.

6) PearBudget – best free online budgeting template

The PearBudget spreadsheet is an easy-to-use online or mobile budgeting platform that allows you to manage your finances without downloading any list.

You can share, manage and upload your expenses on the go using the numerous available tools. 

This spreadsheet is not free, as you might think, even if it offers a 30-day free trial period, but right after, it costs a monthly fee of $5. 

Currently, new signups are not accepted, but you can always follow up on help@pearbudget.com to be in the know when access for new signups is allowed.

7) It’s Your Money Spreadsheets – Best budgeting template for cashflow tracking

The It’s Your Money spreadsheet works for managing your personal and business finances. It offers different spreadsheets that are free and those that will cost you something little. 

If you are on the lookout for free yet a comprehensive spreadsheet that allows you to manage your budgeting needs for yourself and your business, then the It’s Your Money spreadsheet is your pal. 

Some tools don’t just handle your finance budgets but also calculate cash flow, whether inward or outward, allowing you to edit the spreadsheet easily. On the other hand, these spreadsheets work for only Microsoft Excel.

8) Tiller Money Spreadsheets – Best automated personal finance spreadsheets

The Tiller Money spreadsheet helps you keep track of your funds and finances in one place. You can easily plan for the future and make good purchasing decisions. 

Whether you want to travel for the holidays or get new stuff for your household, these automated spreadsheets make it much easier to know what to spend on.

 It can link up to 5 spreadsheets at once and works with Microsoft Excel and Google Docs. You even get to carry out manual or automatic updates.

Tiller Money spreadsheet gives you a free 30 days trial; later on, you upgrade to about $6.58 monthly or $79 annually.

 9) You Need A Budget (YNAB) Spreadsheet – Best for spreading and tracking your expenses.

Then You Need A Budget (YNAB) spreadsheet is an easy-to-understand online budgeting tool that helps track how much you spend on your various accounts. It does this by linking with your bank accounts.

Using the tools made available on this spreadsheet, you can keep track of your budget, distribute your budget across different categories of expenditures, and manage your finances to avoid spending sprees.

You can also operate this spreadsheet using the mobile app version, which allows you to link the app with the online spreadsheet easily. 

Notwithstanding, the YNAB spreadsheets have a 34-day free trial period, and after that, you get to pay $6.99 per month or $84 per year.

10) Microsoft Office budget templates – Best free budgeting template for every budget situation.

Do you like using Microsoft Office, then you need a free budget template that works in excel. This free budget planning template can be found directly from your Excel software.

There you will find free budgeting templates for holiday budgets, household expense budgets, event budgets, and more. It’s the right place to find templates for every situation. You can simply use your Excel software or sign into Microsoft from your desktop browser to get started. It’s equally possible to visit templates.ofice.com as well. 

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Safeguarding your finances using free budgeting templates

The best financial decision you can ever make is keeping track of your income using a spreadsheet to pinpoint what money goes where. 

You can do this carefully to avoid a bad financial decision daunting your peace of mind. All financial situations are different; therefore, there is no one set rule for budgeting your money. 

It’s best to use what suits your needs and works better for you. Try out these personal finance spreadsheets and free budgeting templates until you find one that meets your needs. 

Being mindful of your spending habits is never a bad thing to do and seeing good results, in the long run, means you are on the right track.

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