20 ways to make extra money on the side

In this article, we will talk of 20 easy ways to make extra money fast. Do you have a credit card debt? Or do you want to change your financial position as fast as possible? Do you want to create an all-round change in your finances? If yes, then you can do so by looking at this list. Of course, you can use your internet browser to confirm most of what you will read here.  Besides, if you do a search on Google, you will receive millions of ways to make  money. That is why I have put this list together to help you make decisions that could cause a positive change in your finances. So let me show you this list and analyze them.  Here we go.

20 easy ways to make extra money fast

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20 easy ways to make extra money fast

Take Surveys Online

You can visit various online platforms and start taking surveys. But Survey Junkie is one of the best in the list of easy ways to make extra money. You can calculate how long it takes to do one survey and check how much they will pay you. Also, in Survey Junkie, you could make up to $45 per survey in 20 minutes. And most of these survey sites pay from $.50 to $3. So check the return on investment of your time. Please, note that there are many online survey websites that are not trustworthy.

Vindale Research

Another easy way to make extra money online is by going to Vindale Research. Vindale Research shows your compensation in cash and not in points and that makes it easy for you to calculate the amount you make. You can make between $0.25 to $50 for any paid surveys you complete. Though it also depends on the time you need to finish the paid survey, the demography, and the topic. Also, you have other ways to earn in Vindale research.

Download Ibotta For free and Make $20

You can make money on Ibotta by shopping for things you normally buy online. This is another one on the list of easy ways to make extra money. You can make extra cash by signing up now and you will get a bonus of $20. Ibotta is a cash back reward app. It started in the grocery sector but graduated to give rewards to you for many things right now. Unlike other companies, you get reward for shopping online or in-store. This is easier for groceries and local shopping.

Price Adjustments

Retailers like Amazon have price adjustment policies stating that if the price of anything you buy goes down over a specific period, they will give you a refund of the difference. You may not have time to monitor price changes over a specific time. But you can use Paribus to do the work for you. And you can try it now and you may end up getting more than $500 of your money back.

Take advantage of Sign Up bonuses

You can take advantage of Signup Bonuses on the list of easy ways to make extra money. So, you can start cashing in on the following sign up Bonuses from these websites. They are as follows, Swagbucks that give you a welcome bonus of $5. You also get to do a lot of tasks on the website. Mypoints also gives $10 as a welcome bonus. This is a daily rewards program and another cashback website. Inbox Dollars gives you a welcome bonus of $5. There, you earn by taking surveys, watching videos and signing up for offers. Rakuten formerly Ebates gives you a welcome bonus of $10. This site is a cashback and coupon shopping website. Finally, Vindale research gives you a welcome bonus of $1 and you are aware of Ibotta that gives you a welcome bonus of $20.

Deliver for Postmates, Doordash or Amazon

The delivery business is booming if you live in a city join a program and make money out of the boom. And you can use your spare time or Lunch Break to do this job. And earn money quick when you deliver for Postmates. If you are able to complete up to 50 deliveries for Postmates, you can make up to $500 in a week. For DoorDash, all you need to do is drive to the restaurant, pick up food and deliver it to their customer and then you will be paid. But this opportunity will depend on where you live. Whereas, Amazon Flex lets you earn $18 to $25 delivering groceries for it.

Host On AirBNB

Host On AirBNB is another make money programe in this list of easy ways to make extra money. And if you have a guest room that is empty, or acts as a Junk room, clean it up and rent it out. You can rent a spare room all year round, or your whole house for one week when there is a big event in your town.

You can rent a room for $125 or$425 per month. So use Airbnb to connect your listing to the renter. This website also takes care of scheduling and payment processing. And it enables you to build your credibility through Reviews. You are also protected with a $1 million property damage insurance and they also verify your guests and the bookings too.


You can make extra money by teaching others what you know that they don’t. You could teach people to play the guitar, design, do a craft and fitness exercises. Just use an online platform like Teachable.com to create an interactive course and start earning passive income. You could earn passive income from this online for months and make over $500 weekly.

20 easy ways to make extra money fast

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Sell Products Or Goods Online

If you have a passion or hobby for creating things, you can use Etsy platform to link your product with potential buyers. And if you do Quilting, Jewelry, and SurfBoards you can sell your goods by opening your own Etsy shop. Selling products or Goods online is part of the easy ways to make extra money you can consider.

Review Websites

You can do review of a website and make money quickly. There are many websites you can use but the most trusted one is User Testing. It is recommended. Try it.

Rent out Your parking spot

You can rent your parking Lot if you live in an expensive city. You can rent your parking lot for up to $300 per month. If you drive out with your car on weekends, you can advertise this parking space too. This program makes this list of easy ways to make extra money.

Sell Unwanted Things

This is an easy way to make extra money fast. Sell items you have that you do not want any more online using websites like Gazelle.com. You can sell things like old cell phones that you can trade-in for $100 and also get a $5 first time trade-in Bonus. You may also decide to do Garage sales. Post flyers in town, share it in Facebook Groups and tell your friends and sell to make money fast.

Walk Dogs in your Neighborhood.

You can start making money walking dogs and playing with them. Go to Rover. You are allowed to set your prices at Rover. You can start providing doggy day care and house sitting plus boarding. Try one of these businesses at a time. Walking dogs can be lucrative. That is why it is added here in the list of easy ways to make extra money.

Nielson Digital Voice

Nielson Digital Voice measures how people spend their time using technology. Also, when you install the Nielson App and earn some points for every hour you use your smartphone. And be entered into their monthly $10,000 sweepstakes.

Sell your Textbook on Book Scouter

Don’t cheaply sell your books back to the bookstore in your college at the end of a semester. Let Book Scouter evaluate book prices among 44 booksellers. This will let you select the one with the highest price. Also, you don’t pay any listing fees and there is free shipping. Selling is always part of any list you will draw up, when it comes to easy ways to make extra money.

Sell custom designed Tshirts

There is a website set up for selling Tshirts online. It is called TeeSpring.com. You can design Tshirts and sell them online. If you make fantastic designs, you can use Facebook to target buyers who love buying Shirts, and make extra money fast.

Sell gift cards

Raise.com is a marketplace where you can buy and sell gift cards online. You can join it for free. Users can buy discounted gift cards or sell gift cards to get cash. This is also another easy way to make extra money.

Consult for small Businesses

This quick cash making business could become a full-time business. If you’re an expert in any profession, start helping small businesses around you. For example, you could design Facebook ad campaigns for clients and make some money, if that is your area of specialty.

Affiliate marketing

This is another lucrative way to make extra money. You can do affiliate marketing to earn money fast and keep making money all year round. You don’t need to sell your own products. Juts sell others instead. All you need do is to set up an affiliate marketing website. The hard part is sending traffic to the website which will take sometime so be patient.

20 easy ways to make extra money fast

Photo: Pexels.com

Write an Ebook and sell it On Amazon

You can write an ebook that is less than 50 pages and sell it on Amazon, to make extra cash. Check out this article on Penny Hoarder which shows you how to do it easily. There are many other ways you can earn money at Amazon, apart from writing and selling a book. So, learn about them on the internet.


In this post, we explored 20 easy ways to make extra money fast. There are different ways and many opportunities online to make extra money fast. The problem with many people is that they lack the focus and commitment required to tap from numerous business opportunities available online. You could use your vocation or skill to choose from the list, the ones you feel you can do at ease. Try them today. Say no to procrastination.


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