Does Old Navy Take Apple Pay, Setup and Advantages

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Does Old Navy Take Apple Pay

Does Old Navy take Apple Pay? It does, indeed. If you’re looking for a place to spend your money, Old Navy is always a good choice. The store sells clothing and accessories for men, women, and children, and it is always up to date on the latest fashion trends.

One of the world’s top manufacturers of consumer goods, Apple Inc. has a thriving ecosystem that customers love. Since 2014, Apple has been creating the Apple Pay payment system, which simplifies the payment process for all iOS users.

Old Navy is a well-known retailer of apparel and accessories that is owned by a large corporation. There has been a revolution ever since its introduction. Since its inception, the world has witnessed amazing fashion for everyone.

Does Old Navy make use of the Apple Pay system? How can I use the payment options at the neighborhood Target store?

All of your questions are covered in-depth in this post. Continue reading to find out more.

Does Old Navy Take Apple Pay?

does old navy take Apple pay

Old Navy accepts Apple Pay as a contactless payment option. The good news is that Apple Pay is accepted across all of its websites, applications, and retailers. Users with Apple cards can receive daily cash bonuses of up to 2% while making purchases. To promote contactless payment, Old Navy has embraced Apple Pay. When compared to using physical cards, contactless payment is clearly safer.

How Does Apple Pay Work at Old Navy? 

Make sure to set up Apple Pay on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch before going to the Old Navy shop and wanting to pay with it. Additionally, a store employee who is on-site can assist you in using Apple Pay to make the payment.

How to Set Up Your Old Navy Payments in Your Apple Pay Wallet

does old navy take Apple pay

Do you currently use Apple Pay? There is no need to start a new one if the answer is yes. You must create an account on your smartphone if you don’t already have one.

On your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad, you can create Apple Pay. The procedure is quick and simple. In order to create an Apple Pay account, simply follow the instructions below.

Phase 1: Visit device settings: The first step in opening an account is to go to the device settings and select “Wallet and Apple Pay.”

Phase 2: Add Card and Enter Card Information

You must add it up in order to use your card for transactions. Select “Continue” after selecting the “Add Card” option.

The next step is to choose your preferred payment method. Then, either manually enter or automatically scan your card information to add your debit card or credit card.

Phase 3: Card verification

The crucial next step after adding the card information is verification.

Accept Apple’s terms and conditions and carry out the remaining steps required to complete the verification procedure in order to verify your card.

Phase 4: Finish wallet setup

Once the card verification procedure is complete, you can use your card to make purchases at Old Navy and other merchants that accept Apple Pay. 

How to use Apple Pay at Old Navy locations

  • After making the transaction, choose your method of payment. Open your Apple wallet after being prompted on the device to finish the payment with Apple Pay. Pick your favorite payment card from the available options.
  • At this point, confirm your identity by turning on the Face ID scanner. You can perform this verification by pressing and holding the power button on your device twice.
  • If there isn’t a Face ID scanner, you can input your Apple Pay ID password.
  • Put your device next to a contactless reader now. On the screen, there would be a checkmark. This checkmark signifies that the transaction was successful and your ID has been validated.

How to Pay using Apple Pay on the Old Navy App for Mobile:

  • Pick out the things you want to buy first. Put them in the shopping cart and pay. Review your checkout as well. Additionally, if necessary, changes can be made.
  • You would now need to select the Apple Pay icon at the base of your smartphone.

Can I get cashback at Old Navy if I use Apple Pay?

If you use the Apple Pay Card and the merchants accept it, Apple will give you cashback. The cashback has no transactional restrictions, so you can use it as often as you like.

Every transaction is eligible for a cashback bonus of up to 3%. Visit the Apple website to review the precise terms and conditions.

Customers of the Apple Pay Card often receive rewards for any purchases made with the card. On the official Apple website, you can determine your eligibility.

It is advised to use the Apple Pay Card if you are a frequent shopper so that you can receive cashback on each purchase. Over time, these savings add up to be enormous.

Advantages of using apple pay at old navy

Old Navy and Apple have been collaborating to make it simple for customers to do simple transactions.

  1. By integrating your debit card with Apple Pay, you may take advantage of savings and convenience.
  1. Due to Apple Pay’s high level of security, carrying numerous cards is not essential.
  1. Their reliance on cash is decreased and their checkout queues are greatly sped up by Apple Pay.
  1. Apple Pay enables one-click payments.

Other Old Navy Payment Options

In addition to Apple Pay, Old Navy offers a variety of other payment methods. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Japanese Credit Bank, Diners Club, and gift cards are accepted forms of payment (Old Navy, Athleta, Banana Republic, Gap).


Does Old Navy take Apple Pay? Yes, Apple Pay is accepted at Old Navy. Old Navy has been asking consumers to use its contactless payment option ever since the global coronavirus pandemic began.

It’s fantastic that Apple Pay is accepted at every Old Navy location. For in-person, mobile app, or online purchases, you can also utilize Apple Pay.

Keep in mind, though, that Old Navy does not accept payment methods like Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon gift cards, or others. In the future, we hope they will have a change of heart.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

  1. Is PayPal accepted by Old Navy?

PayPal is, in fact, accepted at Old Navy. Old Navy gift cards and goods are available for online and curbside collection with PayPal.

However, keep in mind that Old Navy does not handle PayPal payments for transactions conducted over the phone.

Furthermore, PayPal cannot be used in conjunction with other online payment systems.

  1. Can I use Google Pay at Old Navy?

Unfortunately, Google Pay is not accepted at Old Navy. On May 30, 2022, research was done to confirm that the clothes retailer still didn’t accept Google Pay.

Similar to Apple Pay, Google Pay is a quick, safe, and dependable payment method. Google Pay is also utilized by many people. So, we’re hoping Old Navy will soon think about supporting the payment method.

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