Country Financial Insurance Review 2020: Car, Home, And Life

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale September 12, 2020
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country financial insurance review

The purpose of the Country Financial Insurance Review 2020 is to help you to know all the opportunities that are accessible with the company and the benefits that you stand to enjoy hence guiding you to make a proper insurance policy decision.

The Country Financial Insurance began when a group of Illinois farmers agreed to set up insurance plans that cater for fire and lighting. Ever since, Country Financial has come up with diverse insurance policies ranging from home, farm, life, business, auto, and crop investments.

country financial insurance review
Country Financial Insurance Review

In the year 1950, the Country started employing additional claims representatives to deal with agricultural needs. In 1960, the company moved its corporate offices to Bloomington, IL from Chicago, and by 1997, the company already had a 24-hour center for its customer service operation.

The company started experiencing its main growth in 1964 after it bought mid –America and Marine Company which gave it access to do business in Oklahoma, Colorado, Missouri, Arizona, and Kansas. By including Northwest Farm Bureau in the company’s insurance policy in 1986, the company included Washington, Nevada, and Oregon to its insurance area of coverage.

In 1987, the company started operations in Alaska and continued expanding. Its coverage has now extended to Alabama, Iowa, North Dakota, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Tennessee.

The company also offers guidance to industries and individual retirement. Country insurance is known for its comprehensive auto plans, although it is situated in the Midwest yet it renders coverage in 19 states. Reviews confirm that the company is highly placed in customers’ satisfaction.

Country Financial Life Insurance

Under this review, we would extensively discuss the categories that the company offers under life insurance which includes whole, term, and universal life insurance

Term Life Insurance

This company is known to charge the lowest price for the highest coverage it provides. The coverage under this heading includes $50,000 to over $1 million for a period of between ten to thirty years. There are other available features that you can take advantage of for an additional cost and it includes;

  • Disability waiver of premium
  • Return of premium
  • Accelerated benefits
  • Child term insurance.

Whole Life Insurance

The Country Financial insurance offers permanent coverage alongside various benefits that you can take advantage of during your lifetime. Under this coverage, you enjoy access to;

  •  Cash value
  •  Consistent premiums
  •  Opportunity to use it for withdrawals and loans
  • Tax-free death benefit.

There are five payment options under this plan and they are 10-pay life, executive whole life, 20-pay life, single premium whole life, and life paid up at 65. Other features that you can also benefit include:

  • Disability waiver of premium
  •  Accidental death benefit
  • Paid-up additions rider
  •  Index dividend feature rider
  • Term insurance for your spouse or yourself
  • Guaranteed insurability option
  • Accelerated benefits
  • Child term insurance

Universal Life Insurance

This is a permanent insurance option that gives you the privilege to select the amount you will want your beneficiaries to be paid from your death benefit. Other benefits can be attached at an additional fee are;

  •  Waiver of a specified premium
  • Accelerated benefits  
  • Child term insurance

Country Financial Home Insurance

Country Financial provides premier and basic options for condos, mobile homes, homes, landlord, and renters insurance. The types of coverage under this heading are;

  •  Flood insurance
  •  Identity theft expense coverage
  •  Electrical damage
  • Back-up of sewer
  •  Sump pump failure
  • Earthquake protection
  • Premier coverage which includes power surge damage, paint spillage, and countertop burns advocacy service coverage failing objects, smoke damage, theft, glass breakage, vehicle collisions, property damage from hail, lightning, windstorm, and fire. Weight of sleet, snow, or ice.

Coverage for personal property are listed below

  • Firearms $2500
  • Money $200
  • Watercraft $1500
  • Silverware, pewterware,  goldware $2,500
  • Jewelry, furs, and watches $2,500
  •  Motor vehicles for recreation $ 500

The discounts under this type of coverage are:

  •  Safe heat discount
  • Roof discount
  •  Dwelling age discount
  • Alarm credit discount
  • Multi-policy discount
  • New roof discount
  •  Age of wiring discount

Country Financial Car Insurance

Country Financial provides insurance policies that cover any means of transportation which includes motorcycles, cars, boats, etc

Types of coverage options available are:

  • Umbrella insurance
  • The keeper
  • Boat damage
  • Collision
  • Comprehensive
  • Underinsured and uninsured motorist protection
  • Emergency road service
  •  Umbrella insurance
  • Safety class coverage
  •  Trip interruption and vehicle rental
  • Personal effects coverage

Discounts available include:

  •  Good driver
  • Legacy discount
  • Advance quote discount
  •  Engaged couple discount
  • Multi-policy and multi-car
  • Defensive driver discount
  •  Simply drive discount
  • College graduate and good student discount
  •  Occupation discount for paramedics, police officers, firefighters, full-time K-12 teachers, and EMTs.

Country Financial Insurance Reviews, Ratings, Customer Satisfaction and Complaints

Based on the Country Financial Insurance reviews, the company has earned the commendation of being one that provides good quality insurance. On the Better Business Bureau, it received an A+ and also had a good ranking in the 2019 J.D Power study. Some of the findings are outlined below:

2019 J.D. Power study                              Ranking

Home Insurance                                   almost average

Auto insurance                                    one of the best

Property insurance                              better than several


Why Country Financial Is The Best Option?

Considering the information that you have gathered from this Country Financial insurance Review 2020, you will realize that if you reside in any of the 19 states that are covered by the company, you will discover its ability to take care of all your insurance needs. It is a perfect option for people, who own agricultural property, animals, and equipment, 

For its auto insurance that is highly rated and home insurance alternatives which include renters and condos insurance which will perfectly meet your needs notwithstanding your location.

The major challenge of this company is its non-availability in all the states but you can get across to a representative of the company regarding any complaints or clarification.

Other Policies Provided By Country Financial

The company remains true to agricultural roots by providing coverage for all rural and farming resources. We have:

  • Farm and ranch insurance
  • Crop insurance
  •  Livestock insurance
  •  Country estate insurance
  • Pet insurance

Pros of Country Financial

  • Flexible and transparent pricing
  • Easy to operate a website
  • Well explained coverage
  •  Easy billing alternatives
  •  Various coverage alternatives

Cons of Country Financial

  • Loyal customers are not compensated

Country Financial Insurance has been of great help to homeowners and other users of their services and this is one of the main reasons Country Financial Insurance reviews 2020 has earned so much positive appraisal.




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