7 Simple Tips For Buying Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale August 29, 2020
Updated 2020/08/29 at 5:33 PM
Cheap Motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle Insurance is important but can be expensive especially when you don’t know how to get value for your money. A cheap motorcycle insurance may not provide total coverage but with some tips which you will find as you read on you can spend less, save more money and still get enough value.

7 Tips That Will Enable You Buy Cheap Motorcycle Insurance

Buy a Less Expensive Bike

Smaller bikes comes with smaller engines and don’t use much power and in the event of an accident won’t cause much damage or injury. Your insurance policy will be cheaper as your protection arrangement will be modest. This won’t be the same situation for costly or expensive bikes.

Avoid Modified Motorbikes

Your premium would be more expensive if you own a modified bike. This is because modifications make bikes more expensive to repair or replace. In addition thieves find it easier to steal these type of bikes.

The premiums on imported vehicles are also more expensive, so avoid bizarre, adjusted or unusual bikes, if you want cheap motorcycle insurance and to make some savings from your insurance cost.

Make Annual Payments

Paying insurance premiums annually will reduce your bill and save you money. This is because you are charged interest if you pay monthly or quarterly and paying in one installment will make you avoid such.

Limit your Mileage

Reducing your mileage will help you save on insurance cost an vice versa. The rationale for this is that you won’t have to visit your insurer often for money to repair your bike.

Enhance Your Motorbike Security

A lot of cash will be saved on your insurance policy if you improve the security of your motorbike. You could achieve these by installing alarms and immobilizers, which will make it difficult for thieves to steal. A tracker could also help in recovery in the event that the bike is stolen.

Installing these security features would cost money but  this would be lesser than the savings on your policy.

Park in a Safe Place

Having a safe and secured spot like a garage or carport to park your bike will lead to savings in premium as your vehicle will be safer.

Mention the Main Rider of your Motorcycle

An experienced rider of the motorbike will lead to lower insurance premiums while a young or inexperienced one will result in higher premiums.

You should therefore clearly state the primary rider of the bike as not doing so will be seen as insurance fraud and claim rejected.

With these simple tips you can get cheap motorcycle insurance for your vehicle and save on your insurance premiums.

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