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How to Recast a Mortgage for Lower Payments and Interest Savings

Recasting a mortgage can save you money from your cash payments and

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Investing in rental property for beginners

Investing in real estate is the most popular and safest way of

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Money tips for downsizing your home

Downsizing is a popular topic among real estate professionals and has been

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10 Tips for Selling a Rental Property: Navigating Taxes and Tenants

Owning your own rental property can be indeed fulfilling. But when the

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How to get your security deposit back when moving out

If you are planning to move out, you will typically want your

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Here’s How Much Money You’ll Need to Build Your Dream Home

You must really be desiring to have your own home. And it

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5 Money Moves To Consider When You Are Saving More

The effects of the pandemic on the economy have resulted in reduced

Kreg Bale Kreg Bale February 25, 2021

Expenses To Plan For When Moving House

Finding an ideal house and buying a home is everybody's dream. However,

Kreg Bale Kreg Bale December 15, 2020

Reasons Why Buying A Home Is Better Than Renting

Buying a home is a dream come true for everyone. However, there

Kreg Bale Kreg Bale November 8, 2020

Most Common Mistakes When Purchasing A Second Home

Purchasing a second home is an opportunity for people to have a

Kreg Bale Kreg Bale November 3, 2020