17 Books About Everything That Can Change Your Life Forever

Do you have questions like this ‘what books should everyone read?’ “What are the best books ever? In this article, we talk about books about everything in life.

Books are everything.

books about everything

books about everything

To me, they begin and end my day. I believe books have all the information that can transform your life for the better and sustain it. Even better, when you purchase it, you’ve got it with you every time. You can always come back to it and refine your strategy.

I have heard people talk about how much books are a waste of time, that they’ve got rehashed information.

Nevertheless, what I find that these people have in common – are unfulfilled wishes. They want things but don’t know how to get them. Worse still, they don’t even make a move.

If you check the statistics of the most avid readers, they are the billionaires we have today.  Many of them are where they are today because of their keen interest in books.  Yet, they still keep on reading and have got libraries I can only dream of in my sleep.

Books are just so phenomenal.

As you journey through your search for a better hold on your finances, you should get these books below. These books are not specifically on investment but they can help you build a better life.

You must always remember that our finances are not the only aspects of your life. If our finances ruled our existence, then it would have been meaningless.

Therefore, you need a stronger hold on it. How would you like to read books about everything, from money to habits and lots more?

Are you ready to begin?

Our Favorite Books About Everything

1.     Stumbling on Happiness by Daniel Gilbert

Are you prevented from achieving your goals by little things? I use the word “little” because this book helps us understand how little things stop up from being happy and ultimately thwarts our view of the future. In this witty book, Daniel Gilbert helps us know how to stop our imaginations and illusions of foresight from preventing us from achieving all we desire in life.

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2.     The True Believer by Eric Hoffer

The True Believer is a frightening little book that can stop us from becoming fanatical. It sheds insights into the mind of a fanatic and the nature of mass movements. Through this book, you will always think twice about following the trend.

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3.     The Denial Of Death By Ernest Becker

In this guide, Ernest Becker shares insights on a subject no one wants to think about. He writes brilliantly about the facts of human existence and its connection with death. The book also shares insights on four pillars that motivate our actions in life. With this guide, you will learn how to act rationally, even in the face of irrational circumstances.

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4.     Exactly What To Say by Phil M. Jones

In this book, the bestselling author and award winner, Phil M Jones, teaches you how to sell your products and services with the right words. Bear in mind that this is a quick read and focused on helping you understand the right sales words. However, read this book with a dole of salt. When one focuses this guide alone, it merely transforms you into a sleazy salesperson, and no one buys from those kinds of people these days. However, you should be more focused on understanding the word impacts but using them sparingly.

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5.     5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman

In this book, Gary Chapman takes you on a fantastic ride to identify the primary languages of love. It will help you, and your spouse to acknowledge your individual love languages. With this, you can build a stronger relationship. It’s a book that can equally boost your ability to communicate with one another.

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6.     Educated: A Memoir

This book sheds insights into the horrific life of an abused person. Why some autobiographical memoirs of traumatic childhood are self-absorbed and self-pitying, this book takes a different approach. It shows how the complex effects of mental illness from family relationships can shape one’s perception of life.

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7.     The Body Keeps The Score By Bessel Van Der Kolk

With this guide, you will think twice about letting stress and pressure rule your day. This book is written by experts on all kinds of stress, including traumatic stress. It highlights how traumatic stress can also reshape the brain and body. It also includes insights on how our background or childhood can equally compromise our capacity for self-control, engagement, and pleasure.

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8.     Atomic Habits by James Clear

Atomic Habits is about helping to form better habits for success. With this guide, you will look into your everyday activities in search of subtle practices that prevent you from overcoming challenges and staying focused on your goals.

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9.     The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills

This book reveals how our self-limiting beliefs can stop us from enjoying a joyful existence. It will teach you to get rid of making assumptions, taking things personally, and doing whatever it takes to become great.

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10.The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

Are you in debt or overwhelmed by the daily expenses? Are you living from paycheck to paycheck with no way out? This guide will teach you simple money principles that we often overlook but is the crucial difference between the rich and the poor. The manual does more than teach; it includes action plans to transform your money habits immediately.

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11. Good Days Start With Gratitude By Pretty Simple Press

This is not really a book, but a 52 weeks guide that will help you shift your focus from the bad things that happen to the good stuff we have and are. Each week includes an inspirational quote, space to write three things you are grateful for and how far you have come in that week.  It’s a fantastic book that simply becomes your friend in this journey of life.

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12. Get Out Of Your Head By Jennie Allen

Most people simply build castles in their heads without going out to bring them into reality. That’s the sole reason many of us end up living unfulfilled lives because we fail to get out of our heads. This book will help you transform your outlook of life, get rid of toxic thoughts and go after your dreams.

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13. Freakonomics by Steven B. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner

Freakonomics is a book about everything with intimate knowledge on all of it. You will receive insights on diverse aspects of our daily lives, from parenting to sports, cheating, and crime. Are you expecting a boring scientific guide? Don’t bother; this book is written like a fiction story with anecdotes and a touch of humor while reaching the roots of everything.

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14.Becoming by Michelle Obama

Becoming was one of the bestselling books in 2019 and has since sold a lot more this year. In this book, Michelle shares her personal struggles as the wife to the President of the United States. In this guide, you will uncover 150 inspiring questions and quotes to help you discover your real life’s journey. It’s a personal guide on self-discovery and a must-read for everyone.

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15.The Subtle act of not giving a F**k by Mark Manson

This book is about letting your life be controlled by the obstacles or people in your life. It’s about never letting stupid things determine how far you go in life. It is an exciting read to transform your life for the better.

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16.Zen as F*ck: A Journal of Practicing Mindfulness by Monica Sweeney

Mindfulness has been backed by evidence for all of the incredible benefits it can bestow on your mental health. Monica Sweeny delves into the different forms of mindfulness. This guide shows you how to apply mindfulness in all aspects of your life to brighten your day and cut through bullsh**t. This book about everything is ideal for everyone because our mental health is vital to everything that makes us who we are.

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17.The Electric Woman by Tessa Fontaine

It is the last on our list of books about everything. This book was written like a fiction story, but in truth is a love story about a daughter and her mother  about the author’s life-changing journey to self =-discovery. It’s a must-read guide if you feel lost in the world. You will learn how to overcome the most profound pain – losing the one you love most and get back on your feet.

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Concluding Thoughts

And so you have it

  • Books about everything you need to know, books to understand the world, books to expand your knowledge

So, let me ask you a question – what would be your next step? Which would you begin reading? However, I will share some tips with you, “you don’t have to finish reading one book before moving to the next, start anywhere, but do have a timeline for how and when you will complete each book.

Finally, it’s not all about reading but practicing what you have learned. Frankly speaking, insightful books will be nothing if we don’t practice what you read.



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