Best Time-tracking Software for Contractors

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale December 17, 2021
Updated 2022/06/07 at 7:56 AM
Best Time-tracking Software for Contractors

For many contractors, their time recording is an essential tool to keep track of working hours and the project status. Many are also obliged by the client to provide corresponding reports on a monthly basis.

Contractors often have special requirements for time recording. Below you can find a list of the best contractor tracking software.


Toggl impresses with its very simple operation and a clear display of working times. In addition, appealing reports can be created with just a few clicks.

Toggl also offers apps for all common platforms. However, it should be noted that some functions are not available or only to a limited extent in the apps. The web application should therefore be used for the full range of functions.

For contractors who often work with teams, Toggl offers a practical workspace function. Several users can record their working hours together without getting in each other’s way.

Many contractors will already be able to cope with the free version of Toggl, but those who need more detailed analyzes or reports of their working hours will have to rely on the paid version.



The focus of timecamp is particularly on project-based time recording. With timecamp, the success of a project can be precisely analyzed and presented.

Also timecamp offers the possibility to generate invoices directly from the recorded hours. However, this function is only available from the “Pro” tariff.

Here, too, the free version is sufficient for pure time recording. If you need advanced analyzes and reports, you have to upgrade to the paid tariff.



Timely’s unique selling point is its desktop application, which continuously analyzes the open programs, websites, etc. and uses this to automatically record the working hours.

The automatically recorded working time entries can then be supplemented by the user with further details.

Thanks to the continuous recording, Timely offers very precise analysis of working hours and can help increase productivity.

Timely does not offer a free version, but the application can be tested for 14 days before a paid subscription has to be taken out.



Unlike the other tools, Timing specializes in time recording under macOS. A web application is available from the “Professional” tariff, but it only offers limited functionality.

Similar to Timely, a desktop application must be installed for timing. This then automatically records which programs, websites, files, etc. are used and thus enables automatic assignment to projects or customers.

Thanks to the automatic recording, Timing makes it possible to trace exactly to the minute what was being worked on. Since the recording runs automatically in the background, it can no longer happen that working hours are not recorded.

Timing doesn’t offer a free version either. However, the application can be tested for 30 days.



At $ 12 a month, Harvest is the most expensive tool on our list. Unlike the other tools, Harvest offers additional functions such as expense recording, invoicing, etc.

However, the options for analyzing working hours are limited in Harvest. The combination of functions in a single tool can, however, save a lot of time in day-to-day work.

Harvest offers a free version which is limited to 2 active projects. The full version can be tested free of charge for 30 days.



We want to draw your attention to the platform. Here you can find the latest software for managing your projects for any need. Follow to find the solutions for your work and join the contractors’ community.


If you are looking for a simple time recording without large additional functions, you are already well advised with the free versions of Toggl or timecamp. For advanced functions such as analyzes or reports, a paid subscription is required for all tools. However, if you often forget to record your working hours or simply want to save some effort, you should consider the automatic time recording of Timely or Timing. Also checkout CartonCloud a fully automated transportation and warehouse management software.

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