Top Best Investing Books For Beginners

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale June 4, 2020
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Best Investing Books For Beginners

Do you know what the best investing books for beginners are? If you did, then that is good. But if you don’t know, you will find out from this article. Also, you will learn how to invest by using these investing books written specifically for beginners. As you know the biggest problem that you face when you want to start investing is to find out how it is done. But learning how to start investing should not be that hard. The fact is that many of these valuable investment books suggest, that a simple investing strategy is often the way to go. Moreover, if you are ready to start investing but did not know how here are some of the best investing books for beginners, to guide you.

Top Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. How to Buy Stocks; By Louis Engel

This book has all the facts that a beginner investor needs to know to start investing. In the book, you will learn basic investment types apart from stocks. The author also gives you an overview of the financial markets. And reveals the inner workings of the capitalist system to show you how the investor can increase their wealth. This is a first-rate book for all who want to understand how the financial system operates. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. If You Can; By Willam J. Bernstein

This is another one of the best investing books for beginners to teach you how to start investing. The book divides successful long term investment into a method everyone can understand. Also, the book shows you how it will take you fifteen minutes of work each year, to perform better than 90 percent of financial professionals to make you a millionaire. Besides, the book has 16 pages and I should think his claim is a tall order to achieve. However, the author believes that what he has written is achievable. And so he makes the book available for free in different formats like Adobe, Mobi, and Kindle on his website at Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time Tested Strategy For Successful Investing By Burton G. Malkiel

This book has been a source of wisdom for beginning and veteran investors. Also, this book offers a simple long term method for you to use at any age to achieve success. In the book, you will learn wall street lingo to help you navigate the uncharted territories of investing. Besides, the recent edition adds a chapter that treats Cryptocurrency and tax loss harvesting. This is a method that reduces taxes as you invest. This book is a step by step guide on how you can invest and succeed. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. The Bogleheads Guide To Investing; By Talor Larimore, Mel Lindauer, &MichealLeboeuf

This guide to investing is part of the best investing books for beginners you should read. Bogleheads mean investors who follow the investing method of the leading Founder of Index Funds, Jack C. Bogle. The authors assume that you do not have any final knowledge from the start. Therefore, the book takes you through all that you must know to start investing in using the Bogelhead Index fund strategy. Also, it comes with a foreword by John C. Bogle himself. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. Common Sense on Mutual Funds: New Imperatives for the Intelligent Investor By John C Bogle

This book takes you through a lot of investment alternatives that are available today for any investor to capitalize on. The updated second edition of this book takes you through how to allocate your asset, how to evaluate investment performance, equity style, bonds and how indexing works. Furthermore, the book explains fund management fully so that you know what is happening on the background of your mutual funds. Finally, you will learn why it pays you to do things simply than make things complex and lose money. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. Making The Most Of Your Money; By Jane Bryant Quinn

This book is not totally an investment book but I added it to this list of the best investing books for beginners for a reason. And if you are a beginning investor, you should read this book. Also, it is an acclaimed best personal finance book from a financial Guru, that covers all you must know to get your financial life in order. It also includes teachings on how to invest. The author guides you through all stages of your life, starting from your first job, to when you start a family, to your retirement. And she outlines the pros and cons of major financial decisions you must face as you go through those phases of your life. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. The Coffea HOUSE Investor: How To Build Wealth, Ignore Wall Street, And Get On With Your Life By Bill Schultheis

This book is meant for those who do not want to fully manage their money. The book advocates that simpler is better than complex when you want to make investment decisions. Instead of putting yourself into a lot of stress trying to beat the market, and looking for how to pick the best stocks, use index funds instead. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. The Acquirer’s Multiple: How The Billionaire Contrarians Of Deep Value Beat The Market By Tobias E Carlisle

If you want to know how investors like Warren Buffet, Carl Icahan, David EinHorn, and Dan Loeb started investing? This book will teach you how you can imitate these icon investors. That is why it is among the best investing books for beginners.  As a beginner, if you are interested in deep value investing, then you can get this book. In addition, the author’s second book titled “Deep Value: Why activist investors and other Contrarian Battle for Control of Losing Corporations”. That book is just like the first book I am talking about here. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners

  1. The Intelligent Investor; By Benjamin Graham

This book is evergreen. It rules all the others on this list. Even Warren Buffet referred to the book as the book about investing ever written. The book is 640 pages and it is also the longest book on this list. But it is easy to read. This book will show you how to analyze investments, different investment principles, comparisons of different investment options and so on. This book gives you everything a beginner investor must know to start investing. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Investing Books For Beginners


In this post, I shared a list of the top best-investing books for beginners. The books cover all aspects of investing from stocks to mutual funds and how to analyze investments and different options of investments available to you today. Get these books from your local book stores and start investing intelligently.

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