12 Best Entrepreneur Books Of All Time

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale June 3, 2020
Updated 2021/02/20 at 10:28 PM
Best Entrepreneur Books

This post is bringing you the 12 best entrepreneur books of all time. If you are a reader then get ready to lead. I don’t know the type of reader you are but the fact from the Brain Coach Jim Kwik, is that most CEOs read up to 4 books in a month to have the ideas they need to remain at the top. If you an expert entrepreneur of a beginner, this post will serve the purpose of making you faster and more resolute to get your goal as you aim for the Sky. It is exciting to share the list of the best entrepreneur books with you. Let us begin.

12 Best Entrepreneur Books of All Time

  1. The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss

This book is an inspirational book that is responsible for making many laggards to get up and pursue their dream. The aim is to get more time for themselves by setting up a business. In the book, the author gives you 50 tips that will make your dream of working for only 4 hours daily a reality. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur books

  1. The Fire Starter Sessions by Danielle La Porte

The Fire Starter Sessions is top on this list of the best entrepreneur books. This book is direct. Also, the author explains why life balance, is a fable. And, that being well rounded is hype and learn that relying on your strength is better. The book talks about why you should know what is important in your life, work, and so on. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

The author shows you how to do what you love and create a business out of that thing, to have a brand new life and future. Also, the author has set an example by following his passion at a young age, to build a business that is giving him a lot of income. As of now, he has traveled to over 175 contries and, he is giving back to society too.

Besides, the book has over 50 case studies of people that invested little amounts of money and time, and today, they are successful. Finally, he explains what separates these people from others. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Never Get a Real Job by Scott Gerber

Here is another book that makes this list of best entrepreneur books. This author shares case studies and people’s experiences and makes observations. He also investigates why people fail and share the tough lessons from those that failed. Also, the author provides a guide and solutions that are cost effective, with practical steps to build top businesses. And, he explains how to market that business with a tight budget. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom by Robert Kiyosaki

This book will change your life as it focuses on recreating your mindset, and what you choose as the most important things you do daily. Also, if you want to make it big as an entrepreneur, then you must read this book over and over. You may get that financial freedom when you apply the teaching in this book. Get this book on Amazon .

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies by Jim Collins

If you are looking for more best entrepreneur books to read, here is Built to Last by Jim Collins. This book wants you to think big. You will start thinking like the owner of a big company after reading this book by Jim Collins. Besides, he shares practical ways and guideline for individuals who desire to build large companies. He also, shows you how to build companies that last forever and explains the culture of such companies, arise from the successful habits of the owners. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to Create Radically Successful Businesses by Eric Ries

When you start your business lean, it will be portable, fast and profitable.  In this book, you will read how today’s entrepreneurs use innovation to build real businesses that succeed on a continuous basis. Get this book on Amazon

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School by Richard Branson

Like a Virgin is the next book on this list of the best entrepreneur books of all time. Branson just opened a business school using this book. Also, the book covers areas for those that want to start a business, improve leadership skills, and those that need the motivation to do what they want. And, you will get them all in this book. Moreover, the book teaches all that you could ever need to start a business and run it successfully in an unconventional style. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Screw Business as Usual by Richard Branson

This is the second book on this list written by Branson and it is a revolution. He shares that doing business, as usual, does not work.  Also, this way of doing business does not work for people and does not work for the environment. Furthermore, he advocates for a change all over the world. He wants a new way of thinking by entrepreneurs. This book will touch your core. Get this book on Amazon.


  1. Smarter, Faster, Cheaper by David Siteman Garland

The next on our list of the best entrepreneur books is Smarter, Faster, Cheaper By David Sitman Garland. Besides, this book is daring and offers direct strategies for marketing and promoting your business. This book will help any small business to compete in the market today and make a profit. Also, it is for entrepreneurs. So, if you want to be one, then you must read this book. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Shark Tales, by Barbara Corcoran

This the story of Babara Corcoran as she struggled to the top from a waitress job. Also, female enetreprenuers should take notice of this book. Besides, She is the Shark Tank Investor and now a real estate mogul. And in this book, she advises those who want to follow her trail. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur Books

  1. Mistakes I Made at Work, by Jessica Bacal

The last in our list of the best entrepreneur books are Mistakes I made at Work by Jessica Bacal. Becoming a successful entrepreneur does not happen overnight. You go through a lot of setbacks and it is your sheer capacity to hold on to your dream that keeps you going daily. In this book, top achievers of all categories who have passed through thick and thin to get to their goals share their stories. They tell of their biggest trials and how they overcame and won. Get this book on Amazon.

Best Entrepreneur Books


In this article,  I brought you a list of 12 best entrepreneur books of all time. The books will help you start a business if you lack inspiration and to build a business that will last forever. Also, you will learn how to start with little capital, promote and market your business, and succeed with a shoe string budget. Get these books now.

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