10 Best Business Books Ever Written

This post lists 10 best business books ever written that you should read. Also, Warren Buffett, one of the most skilled investors of our time, said that his key to success included reading 500 pages of books daily. And many businessmen and women today read daily because they want to be more knowledgeable in their specific fields of endeavor and also have the general knowledge to be able to talk intelligently on any topic. So if you need new ideas and knowledge in different areas, then you have to read daily. In 2015, Mark Zuckerberg made a goal to read one book every week. Therefore, If you want to think like these world-class CEOs and grow your business into a global brand then get these best business books, and change your life and business completely.


Best Business Books Ever Written

  1. Business Adventures

John Brooks gives these incredible stories of the $350 million Ford Motor company disaster called Edsel, the fast rise of Xerox, the enormous scandal at General Electric, and Texas Gulf Sulphur. Also, the book shows you what all these companies have in common. Each of these big companies had fame and fortune and later became infamous. Moreover, these corporate icon’s stories will help you to learn about problems that define companies. Besides, Bill Gates wrote that Warren Buffet sent him his personal copy of this book to read and that Best Business Adventures, remains the best business book that he had ever read. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. The Intelligent Investor

This is one of the best business books ever written that you should get immediately. This book’s author is known as the most notable business advisor of the 20th century. In addition, Benjamin Graham was an inspiring teacher who taught value investing as an investment philosophy. Hence, this book helped to prevent huge investing mistakes and preached long term strategies. Since they first published this book in 1949, investors have called it the stock market bible. In addition, Warren Buffet says the book is the best book on investing ever written. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. The Innovators Dilemma

This classic bestseller will change the way you carry on your business. The author Clayton M. Christensen gives you the successes and failures of top companies to guide you from making the same mistakes they made. Also, this book provides rules that you can use to take advantage of disruptive innovation. Steve Jobs used this book as a reason why Apple started Cloud computing. The innovator’s dilemma has been linked often to Jeff Bezos and Steve Jobs. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. The Outsiders: Eight Unconventional CEO’s And Their Radically Rational Blue Print for Success

This is another spectacular book and one of the best business books you should read. Besides, you may want to ask yourself what makes a successful CEO? What is the exemplary character a CEO must have to run a business successfully? People will say charisma, genius ability to communicate, and self-assured management style. But, the simple answer to that question according to the author William N. Thorndike, is the returns shareholders get over the long term. Warren Buffet also recommended this book as the number one book in the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder’s letter that he wrote in 2012. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. The Art of War

This book is old and the author is Sun Tzu. In addition, the book was written in the 6th century BC and used by the Military for strategy. Famous generals claim they were inspired by the book. And these generals include Napoleon, Mae Zedong, General Vo Nguyen Giap, and General Douglas MacArthur. Besides, business managers have also used the book for office politics and corporate strategy. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. Emotional Intelligence

This book is in this list of the best business books ever written see why below. Daniel Goleman the author, provides readers clear examples of emotional Intelligence and shows you how it helps you to decide your success in relationship, work, and your physical welfare. Also, the book creates a whole new way of talking about how smart you can be. The books also show you why emotional intelligence can matter more than Intelligence Quotient. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. Lean In: Women, Work, and the will to lead

This book by Sheryl Sandberg focuses on Women, work and  leading in the workplace. Also, the book adds real data, hard to beat research, and tells interesting stories to motivate women to do what people say they cannot do. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. The Black Swan

This book’s author is Nassim Nicholas Taleb and another one of the best business books. In the book, the author describes a black swan event as an event that is either positive or negative and thought to be improbable, but could cause catastrophic consequences. Taleb shows in an unserious way, that black swan events reflect what happens in the world today. Yet the professionals do not seem to notice them. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. Too big to Fail

This book by Andrew Ross Sorkin is a financial narrative that grips the reader’s attention. The author is a New York Times columnist and notable financial reporter in the US. In this book, he narrates the story of an economic crisis that brought the world to its knees in an era. This book is the winner of the Gerald Loeb award for the best Business book. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books

  1. Barbarians at the Gate

This book written by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar is the number one NewYork Times Bestseller. And that is why it is also in this list of the best business books. Moreover, it is one of the best business narratives that you can find today. This book is a classic story of the fall of RJR Nabisco. It is an astounding masterpiece of investigative journalism by Bryan Burrough and John Helyar. The new forward by these authors tell an amazing story of greed and double-dealing twenty years after the famous deal happened. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books


In this post, I gave you a short introduction to 10 of the best business books ever written. Also, these books will no doubt inspire you to create better and lasting businesses. Besides, you will be more intentional in all the decisions you take in life and in business. Moreover, you can learn from the fall of iconic companies to correct your strategies and create wealth continuously for the shareholders.

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