10 Best Business Books Of All Time, As Voted By Top CEOs And Entrepreneurs

Have you ever wondered what the best business books of all time are? If you did, you are not alone. I have thought about this myself and that is the reason I have gone to the internet to research this topic. Also, I have extracted some of the best books you should read that top CEOs have recommended. The results may astound you but they are books that you ought to read and that all rising entrepreneurs or even a veteran should read too. Besides, the books will shape your life and business and make you aspire to reach the stars. Let me give you the list of the best business books of all time right away.

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. Influence by Robert Caldini

This book has sold over one million copies as of date. Also, Influence is voted as one of the top books on persuasion. Robert Caldini Ph.D. an exemplary psychologist explains why some people are very persuasive and how you can defeat them.

Also, in this book, you will learn six psychological reasons why people comply, how it is used then without people knowing it and how you can defend yourself against these people, and use that same secret yourself. After reading the book you will not say yes when you are meant to say no and become more influential. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. The Innovator’s Dilemma

This book written by Harvard Professor Clayton M Christensen is top on this list of the best business books of all time. The author says that the best companies can do everything right and still fail to lead the market as they were before. He proves this assertion and tells the readers how to avert that kind of problem in their business.

He also gave examples with the Honda Superclub and Intel’s 8088 processor- the hydraulic excavator, to show why companies miss their chances be market leaders. Also, he stated that a leading company can be pushed aside if it fails to get rid of traditional business practices. And gives a set of rules for dealing with this dilemma of disruptive innovation. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. Good to great

In this book the author Jim Collins set out to find out if there are companies who went from good to great in the challenge. Also, he carried out a study and came out with standards and results. He then asked if there are companies that defy gravity and grew from obscurity and mediocrity into prominence? In answer, the book lists top ranking companies that fall into these category. They leapt from obscurity into the public glare and created returns for the stockholders that beat the stock market by an average of seven times in fifteen years. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. Atlas Shrugged

This author Ayn Rand tells the story of a man that declared that he would stop the motor of the world and did it. Also, this book makes the list of the best business books of all time because it tells the story of the panorama of human existence. Why did he have to fight a battle against those that needed him the most like the woman he loved. What is the world’s motor and the motive of every man? The answers are in this book. It is a philosophical story that is captured in an action thriller with a great and unbearable suspense. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. Crossing the Chasm

The author Geoffrey A. Moore gives a highlight of the technology adoption life cycle. This cycle starts from innovators and progresses to early adopters, early majority, and laggards. Also, there is a vast gap between the early adopters and early majority. Besides, early adopters are ready to sacrifice and get a chance to be first but early majority waits until the technology is stable with a lot of improvements before they use it. Furthermore, the innovator’s and marketer’s challenge is to narrow the gap to fasten the adoption of technology in all spheres. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. The Lean Startup

This book was written by Eric Reis. It focuses on when most startup businesses fail. The book is saying this is preventable. The lean startup is among the best business books of all time and you will see why shortly.  Besides, the lean startup is the latest approach being used all over the world. This is changing the way companies are built and new products created.

Reis defines a startup as a company with a goal to produce a new thing under extreme uncertainty. Lean startup cuts waste and offers entrepreneurs in all types of organizations the way to test their vision nonstop and make corrections before it becomes too late. Also, the book offers a scientific approach for managing those startups that succeed in this period when companies must continue to be innovative. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. Zero to One

In Zero to One Peter Thiel, the author shows you how to get the best ways to unlock uncharted frontiers to produce new things with innovation. Furthermore, he says that you can achieve progress in all industries and not only in the technology or the computer industry.  Also, he advocates that every leader must learn to think for himself. And learning to do what others already know takes the world from 1 to N. This book is optimistic about the development of America and in the new way of thinking of innovation. Besides, you must learn to ask the questions about what will open up uncharted territories. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. The Hard Thing About Hard Things

This book about the hard thing is among the best business books of all time. Why? Ben Horowitz a reputable Silicon Valley entrepreneur is the author of this book. Also, the book gives you the advice you need to build and run a startup company. In the book, you will get practical suggestions for managing the hardest problems that business schools did not teach. Besides, this book is for beginner entrepreneurs that want to own their own business and tested entrepreneurs too. The author offers personal experiences that will humble you. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book written by Dale Carnegie is sixty years old and many famous people have used its time tested advice, to achieve success in business or in their personal lives. Also, this bestseller will show you three fundamental techniques for handling people, six ways that you can make people like you, twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking and nine ways to change people without making them resent you. Furthermore, you can achieve your maximum potentials by reading this book. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books Of All Time

  1. The power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business

This is the last book in this list of the best business books of all time. Everything you do comes from your habit. In this book, the author Charles Duhigg an award-winning Journalist explains how you form a habit and how you can change it for individuals and organizations. All entrepreneurs who want to form good habits and to get rid of bad ones must read this book to run successful businesses. Buy Book on Amazon

Best Business Books of All Time


In this article, I gave you a list of 10 best business books of all time, as voted by top CEOs and entrepreneurs. Also, they are eye openers and a must-read for all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. So, get them from Amazon now to improve your life and business.

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