Top Best Budget Apps To Manage Your Finances In 2021

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale February 1, 2021
Updated 2021/03/07 at 2:31 PM
Best Budget Apps

Do you have issues with spending and managing your finances? Having one of the top best budget apps at your disposal might just be what you need.

In the finance world today, these apps are gradually gaining popularity – because they help you to monitor and manage your spending. This is achieved by linking your accounts to the budget apps and tracks your cash flow. However, these apps help to improve your spending.

Interestingly, each of these apps offers something uniquely different from one another. Some help to track your bills, some when you are about to overspend – they get you alerted while others give complete financial management.

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What Are Budgeting Apps?

These are apps that can be accessed through your mobile devices, tablets, or desktop computers to help you monitor and manage your spending. Usually, it involves expenses, savings, debts, or investments to improve your financial knowledge.

It is good to note that personal budgeting apps do not do the same job as accounting software. You can download budgeting apps on your gadgets but not all accounting software can be downloaded.

So, these apps monitor your spending via a synced checking account to keep track of either your daily or monthly expenses and also helps to organize your spending history into categories to keep track of trends and discover your habits over time.

However, since there are many of these budgeting apps, it is important to know the one that applies to your need.

So, check out the best budget apps below;



This app is specially built to curb overspending. It tracks both your income and expenses in addition to your daily saving goals. So, with this spending limit – you can cut down on overspending and have control over your finances.

It is quite easy to sign up and link to your bank account. It helps to track your income and regular daily bills. Besides, it tracks your budget over some time and brings down your spending. All the money taken from you is saved in an FDIC-insured account on your behalf

Besides, there is a PocketGuard Plus that comes with extra features such as cash tracking, ATM management, splitting up transactions, and the ability to export data. Though the PocketGuard Plus comes at $34.99 annually for interested users.

The 256-bit encryption, the Touch and Face ID, and the 4-digits PIN ensure the safety of the app from theft.


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The Mint app is one of the oldest and most popular budgeting apps that help to track and categorize your transactions. It is also known as intuit mint and formally

It boasts of over 20 million budgeters on its platform. With this app – you can track investments, set up reminders for bill payment, and have access to your TransUnion credit score.

Also, on the Mint budget app – you get notified when you exceed your personal budget, keep track of your spending, and have an overview of where your money goes from time to time.

The app is free; however, there might be some charges on some selected products advertised. The app also secures your details and keeps your transactions safe – by the use of multi-factor authentication, Touch ID, and another security scanning.

It is now available to both Android and iOS users.

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The Goodbudget app was formerly known as the Easy Envelope Budget Aid (EEBA). It makes use of the envelope-budgeting principle to promote your budgeting.

It is one of the best budgeting apps for couples with shared finances; however, it can also work for individuals. Here is how it works – multiple devices can access the same account via the app, so partners can share a budget.

For every new transaction, you include several details and share the expenses into various spending categories called envelopes.

There are up to 10 envelopes, access to one account, and two devices available for your use in the free version while the Plus version with $7 monthly and $60 yearly offers unlimited accounts and envelopes, and up to five devices can access the accounts.


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YNAB – You Need A Budget

On the YNAB app, every dollar you budget is given a job – this is unlike most other traditional budgeting apps. The job could include your investment, savings, or even debt repayment thereby leaving no dollar unaccounted for.

It can be used on both your Android and iOS devices. After a 34-day free trial version with no credit card required. After the free trial, you are expected to invest at least $11.99 monthly or $84 annually. However, students with proof of enrollment can enjoy up to 12 months of a free trial.

Other benefits of the app include access to app user guides, budgeting advisory, free workshops, and other relevant resources as it pertains to financial management.

Also, it can be used on both mobile and desktop devices with an easy user-interface. In terms of security and privacy – it makes use of third-party audits, bank-level encryption, and many more security systems to guarantee the safety of your data.


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Personal Capital

This is an investment tool that comes with a free app that can be used to monitor and track your spending. The primary app is free but you pay up to 0.89 percent of your money when it is below $1 million when you add investment management services.

Also, it provides investment tools like Fee Analyzer – that shows all your due payment in your retirement plan. This budgeting app emphasizes investment – as you enjoy its free asset classes, up to date analysis of investment fees, and other relevant investment details.

Besides the retirement planner tool on the app, you could also make use of the education planner tool if you plan to save for college. However, you cannot manually add transactions for budgeting as it places less emphasis on budgeting.

Personal Capital does not allow access into your data – this is achieved through encryption, multi-layer security authentication, and fraud protection systems.


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This budgeting app is free. It helps users to monitor their income and expenses while providing an update on the remaining budget to prevent overspending.

For those who live out of the US, there is a built-in support system for virtually every foreign currency for easy use.


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Final Thoughts

You can choose the best budget app based on the app features, price, security, and other relevant details as it pertains to your needs.

Therefore, if you have difficulties with managing your finances – any of the budgeting apps would help, provided you choose the one that best suits your needs.

What would you want your budget app to do for you? Choose the best for yourself.

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