5 Key Behavioural Skills in Demand in the Information Technology Industry

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale August 29, 2020
Updated 2020/08/29 at 10:36 AM
Behavioural Skills

As an aspiring career person in the IT industry, there are skills that are not negotiable for your long-term success. There are key behavioural skills in demand in the information technology industry, and when employees have these skills, it impacts directly on the total performance of the organization.


A prospective employee comes into a company with track records and their past reputation at previous places they worked. Employers have to ensure to be provided accurate information, more importantly be sure that the new employee has the required skills for the company’s future growth.


Are Technical Skills Important?

Technical skills are of importance to employers who are needing certain technical roles being filled in their companies. But then, companies needs employees that possess some soft skills in addition. A candidate applies for a position of a technical role in a company, but the soft skills he/she has, will determine how best such candidate will be able to support the total growth of a company.


Soft skills are of great importance to any organization, and they will serve as a foundation for the other skills. It is essential to possess quality behavioural skills, for communication and the overall work atmosphere. When employees exhibit positive behaviours, it makes training and acquiring technical skills easy. 


An employee with leadership, communication, and collaboration skills can have cognitive and technical skills built upon it. But then, there are certain skills people rarely discuss, and which are also very important in the total health of an information technology organization. These skills are strategic thinking, practical knowledge, agility, attention, and humility.


Here Are 5 Key Behavioural Skills in Demand in the Information Technology Industry


1. Agility


The ability to adapt to the ever-changing IT industry is an essential quality of a progressive employee. This is one skill that is needed to survive and attain success in the fast-moving industry.


While the skill will help an employee grow in the industry, it is also important to acquire knowledge and learn new skills for personal growth. When you are able to master any skill, you’ll attract new things and roles. And these skills more importantly needs to be updated and upgraded to stay relevant and grow. Hence, prospective employees in the IT industry need Agility as a necessary skill.


2. Practical Knowledge


It is important as an employee to be able to write letters, communicate with managers, clients, and coordinate organizing events. Having practical knowledge is essential in becoming relevant in the world of Information Technology.


Beyond just having educational skills, the practical skills of any candidate is very important. This is why engaging in projects and internships after graduating, is a necessary compared to searching for job using only your educational skills from school courses.


3. Humility


An employee without humility can be detrimental to an organization’s progress as overtime. Being able to admit your errors, ask for help, and know the steps to take to react to certain situations are compulsory skills an employee must have to survive.


An applicant should be able to present himself/herself well during an interview. While you do not have to show that you are very desperate to have the job, making certain vague statements isn’t a way to go either. You should know exactly what you worth and ask for a pay and other benefits that meets that quality.


4. Strategic Thinking


Strategic thinking has a lot to do with understanding the purpose of the business, and being able to work in a way that improves the business in that direction. This quality help a business become very profitable and more important grow better on all spheres. And employees with strategic thinking would fit into the company’s plans for growth and success.


5. Cultural Adaptability


Being able to adapt to the cross-cultural and dynamic nature of the IT world is an essential trait companies should seek in an employee. Candidates with globalized experiences will be of great value to the company. 


The ability to work and communicate with people of diverse cultures, traditions and languages is a very necessary traits that an employee should possess. So, being able to employ people with this skill help the company to navigate into a positive phase of development.


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