7 people you need in your life to become a millionaire

The biggest craze is how to make money online or how to make money on YouTube.  I bring to you how the power of networking. You need to network to become a millionaire.

become a millionaire

To become successful in life, there are crucial steps you must take, one of which is surrounding yourself with the right people.  These people are gold mines that can make you lots of money.

I’m not talking about defrauding your friends for money or talking to total strangers.

What I’m talking about is building diverse relationships for different reasons. You need relationships for your down moments, relationships for support and many more. Aside from the people within your support network, you also need people that can ensure you meet your financial goals.

No man is an Island and certainly not one who wants to achieve financial freedom. If you want to become a millionaire, you need to build relationships with the people, I will show you. Right now, there are over 10 million millionaires in the US. That’s only 3% of America’s population, which shows you just how much it’s worth.

So, let’s talk about the types of relationships you need to target to make money networking.

Your twenties are the best time to build your human capital. You are in your prime and would readily travel to places without a fuss.  At this point in life, you can find time to do the things you love.

Remember, that you shouldn’t also spread yourself too thin. You only need the right quality of people around you and must recognize which categories each of these friends fall in, so you don’t demand more than they can offer.

Chances are you aren’t making a family yet to keep you in one place. Even if you do, you can work around it to build that human capital.

Therefore, here are the types of relationships you need to build for financial success

Key relationships to become a millionaire

1.     The Mastermind Group

This is made of people with the same business goals or similar projects. These people will drive you to push towards your goals. They understand the reason you are in business, they are in it as well.

They also have similar setbacks, so it’s easy to tell them about things when they aren’t going so well. You can find people who are a step or two ahead in your career game. A good place to find those kinds of groups is on Facebook or Instagram.

The advantage of having a Mastermind group is about finding opportunities to pick the brains of others. You can run ideas by them and learn from them in return.

You can also meet these people by going to events where they might likely attend. Reach out and you won’t be sorry you have someone to complain to who truly understands your pain.  There’s just something about people who are “in it with you”.

This gets the burden of support of your friends and significant partner because they don’t really understand what it takes to achieve your goals.

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2.     Drinking buddies

You also need friends you can share a couple of drinks with. These people will be there for a leisurely activity down at the beach.

They don’t need to understand while you are in a particular business or your motivations. They don’t need to know your frustrations at the office since most of them won’t even understand.

Your drinking buddies are simply there for the fun.

And yes, it’s always good to have these friends because they will support you regardless. Drinking buddies have no expectations they want you to fulfill, so you can sit back and enjoy yourself.

3.     Mentors

Most people believe that a Mentor should be someone close by who truly gets your career journey and business goals.

A mentor isn’t an in-person, but actually, someone whose ideas make a lot of sense to your journey. Therefore, you can be mentored by buying their books, watching their videos or joining their blogs.

A mentor would be a source of inspiration, thoughts, and ideas to help you shape your life goals. With the right mentor, you can even become a millionaire in the near future.  If you want to go the extra mile by getting your mentor on your in-person network, you need to find out what you can do for your mentor that would make the difference.

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4.     Coach

A Coach is someone who understands your strengths and weaknesses and can guide you to ultimate success. Everyone who wants to become a millionaire needs a coach.

Even if you only have plans for achieving personal fulfillment, a coach can open your eyes to many things.  Your coach is your go-to person. They can teach you to shape your ideas to your lifestyle needs and personal goals.

Bear in mind that you will have to pay to get a good coach. Most times, they aren’t cheap but their ideas and support are worthwhile. You can take that leap of faith and earn huge rewards for investing in individuals who can drive you to success.  A coach is very essential especially in your early days to become a millionaire.

5.     Battle Buddy

According to Forbes, you also need a battle buddy. This isn’t a person who will challenge you or cheer you up. A battle buddy will be there to praise when you need it and berate you when you make a mistake.

A battle buddy simply speaks the truth in all circumstances, because they remind you of what’s important to you, where you stand, and where you came from. Your battle buddy will help you get away from the distractions of trying to become a millionaire without making time for your friends and family.

6.     Sherpa

Here’s the fun part. You also need someone who has crossed the $7 million mark and to guide you to get to their positions in life. Nevertheless, you must understand that you can’t truly reach out to such people until you have made progress.

As you build your business with the support of your coaches and mentors, it will become easier to meet these amazing people that can guide you further up the ladder.

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7.     Blue Falcon

Have you ever heard about the Blue Falcon? It’s a phrase or the Army but truly means someone who doesn’t care about you or someone who want’s to ruin you.

I first heard about this phrase while doing the research to share this article with you. We all have blue falcons in our life and we must get rid of them.

That’s right you are not building a relationship with them but breaking them out of your life.  You might be tempted into thinking that there are no blue falcons in your life. However, as long as you’ve met people over the years, you’ve seen and gotten them into your network.

Some such individuals don’t opening cut you down. However, those little overtones about how no idea you have can work or the reminders about your past mistakes can make you doubt yourself. Identify them and get them out of your life finally.

Bear in mind that some of these people might even be members of your family. You may not successfully cut them off completely, but you can make sure they don’t have a say with what’s happening in your life.

Now, you know about the seven relationships you need to become a millionaire, you can get right on that journey. So, what do you think about these people? Do you already have a circle of friends who fit into those categories? If you don’t then you need to start making friends. These relationships are very important to fulfill your dream to become a millionaire.


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