Apps To Track Subscriptions and Stop You From Losing Money Indiscriminately

Kreg Bale
Kreg Bale August 15, 2020
Updated 2020/08/15 at 9:57 AM
apps to track subscriptions

How would you like to keep track of subscriptions, and cancel the ones you don’t need on time? In this article, we will talk about apps to track subscriptions.

Have you ever taken a moment to ponder over your subscription payments every year? Have you been charged for a subscription that you forgot to cancel after you finished enjoying the free trial period?

Have you been paying for services that you scarcely used, or you do not even use at all, for over a year? How much does it cost you to pay for such unused services and applications?

When a new year comes, you make resolutions on how to live better and manage your finances better. Nevertheless, your subscriptions will not let you achieve that goal; they just keep piling up with the trends.

Initially, it was Netflix and Chill, and then came the reality TV shows and the Fitfam programs, which you never follow to the end.

Before you know it, your monthly payments have gone up, and now you have to pay bills for services you never used.

Before now, you must have tried using spreadsheets, but you can agree with me that it is time-consuming and energy exhausting.

That said, some great apps were created to monitor your subscription for secure payments and cancel those you no longer use.

Yes, you don’t have to use a spreadsheet any longer, and many of these apps integrate with your desired financial planning apps. So, let’s look at the top 10 great apps to track subscriptions. 

Top Ten Apps To Track Subscriptions

apps to Track Subscriptions
Apps To Track Subscriptions

1. Truebill

Truebill is one of the apps that helps you manage and keep track of subscriptions and cancels unwanted payments. You need to have some level of trust to use Truebill, because, it is a web-based service, which would require you to link your bank accounts and credit cards to your account for it to function. You do not need to be sacred because it uses Plaid API, which implies that your bank account or credit card details are never stored.

Once your bank account is linked to it, it marks your account and categorizes them into three different groups, which are Bills and Utilities, Subscriptions, and Other Recurring Payments.

It allows you to manually change the category a recurring bill might fall under or remove a subscription from the list. Still, it does not permit you to add subscription, except it automatically detects them. There is room for you also to set up savings accounts, budgets and notifications immediately your bank account is linked to it.

It has been verified by Google Play Store and can easily be downloaded. So you should not worry about the safety of your bank details.

Download app here: IOS | Android

2. Bobby

Bobby, which was initially called ‘Billy’, is a simple App that you can use to track the first four subscriptions for free.

But, after the fourth subscription, you will be required to pay $0.99 so that you can have an unlimited subscription to your account.

With Bobby, you do not need to bother yourself by adding each subscription, because Bobby has renowned services which permit you to add any amount of subscription of your choice promptly. Your manual additions will only take a few seconds each, so far as you know the cost of each billing cycle. 

Though Bobby may not have notifications or import features, it is swift and straightforward to use. It has friendly features that allow font customization and supports more than one currency.

With Bobby, you get to choose when you’ll be reminded of your subscriptions before their due dates. It also has app locks for security purposes. 

Download app here: Android

3. Subby

 Subby is a subscription app that permits you to log subscription and manage payments. Due to its simple design, Subby is one of the most user-friendly apps that you can use to manage your subscriptions.

For you to enjoy the app, you have to give the following details correctly; your name, billing cycle, amount, description, category, payment date and currency.

Just like most subscription apps, you have to link your bank accounts and credit cards details with it. Subby app has over 400 subscription icons and allows you to input bills manually.

It is free and available on Android. Though paid and upgrade version is free from ads and permits cloud back feature and others. This is one of the best apps to keep track of subscriptions for free.

Download app here: Android


Just like the name implies, this app can track all your paid subscriptions and their costs. It also notifies you when it’s time for payment. It is free for the first ten subscriptions. With TrackMySub, you are not required to link your bank accounts and credit cards details.

There is no automatic input of subscriptions because you can only add your subscriptions manually. It is user-friendly and effortless to use. It shows you the actual amount you spend monthly. 

Download app here: website

5. Trim

Trim resembles Truebill because it requires your bank accounts and credit cards details to track down all subscription services and control them accordingly. Though, it is clearer with its security when compared with Truebill, because it uses the Plaid API and increases the same 256-bit encryption that most major financial technology companies uses.

However, if you do not want to add your bank accounts or credit cards details, you as well send an email of your bank accounts and credit cards details to, which is even riskier.

Trim also has better mobile access than Truebill; it allows you to have text, which notifies you when it is payday. With the text notifications, you also reply with special commands to check your balance, recent transactions and others.

Trim also permits you to cancel certain subscriptions through text, though some particular cancellations attract a cost of $6.00. Trim can help you with the negotiation of your bills and how you spend, for easy management.

Download app here: website

6. ClarityMoney

ClarityMoney is one of the remarkable apps to track subscriptions. It enables you to quit squandering away on subscriptions you are no longer use, by revealing and cancelling such unused subscriptions. It also assists you in analyzing how you spend money and provides you with better ways to improve your financial health.

With ClarityMoney, you have access to make continuous savings deposits, with a goal attached to them or open various savings funds with different goals attached to them.

Then your savings deposits would be held at an FDIC-insured bank and would be insured to you once it gets up to $250,000.

You will always be on track with your monthly budgets, as long as your debit and credit cards are linked to it, and you will also be having your free Vantage score credit score.  

Download app here: Android

7. SubscriptMe

This mobile app is mainly for IOS devices. With SubscriptMe, you do not need to scan your bank account and credit cards for repeated transactions. It makes use of ‘Slice’, which scans your email inboxes for transaction receipts.

SubscriptMe might not be as accurate as other apps that have access to your bank accounts and credit cards details. Although, it permits you to add subscriptions manually or from a list of known services if they are not detected automatically, which other apps do not allow.

If the amount of each subscription is mistakenly imputed, this app can edit them with an inbox scan. Though, it has no search function, so you will have to examine different categories to look for specific subscription services.

In this app, you will see a visual overview of all your subscriptions, which will be divided into several categories, like business services, music, cloud storage, and many more. It also permits you to view and set reminders for future bills.

SubscriptMe app is filled with great features, amazingly flexible and simple to use when compared to most apps. It is also a free iOS app that can be easily downloaded. It will also notify you on popular subscriptions, so you don’t miss out on anything.

Download app here: IOS

8. Mint

Mint is a popular personal finance app. It gives you a picture of your entire finances in one location. With Mint, you have to link your bank accounts and credit cards details to it. After you must have done that, Mint would immediately list your transactions, separate them in different categories and show you how you spend money on them.

So, Mint will help you make a record of your bills, spending and prepare a budget that you can adhere to. It is now free to access your credit card score, which implies you are getting a breakdown of things that contributes to your credit score to maintain your excellent credit health.

It also permits you to monitor your schedule utility payments and investments. For manually paid bills, Mint can send email reminders or input dates to your phone calendar. The app can be used on your mobile, or you can also access it through your computer.

Download app here: Android | IOS

Concluding Thoughts

Various apps grant you the opportunity to add, remove, manage and track your subscriptions. Though some apps would require that you link your bank accounts and credit card details to them, so it is left to you to decide which app you would be comfortable with to share such information.

Some apps would require you to manually add your subscriptions, which might seem to be time-wasting but, on the other hand, it might expose you to see how you spend money on recurring subscriptions every month. While there also apps which automatically input your subscriptions, so it is let to you to choose.

You need to use a powerful password on your phone and the subscriptions apps also. Though some of these apps notifications enable you to pay for subscriptions on time, also note that most payments for subscriptions and other bills are automatically debited from your bank account.

Some of these apps might seem free at the start of you sign up but may charge you for extra services or upgrades. So, any premium or upgrade feature you sign up to most be worth the work of savings it is meant to bring because it helps you cut down on unwanted charges.  


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