Amazon Shopping Hacks: 36 Tricks to Help You Save Money While Shopping on Amazon

Amazon Shopping Hacks

How would you like to save money while shopping on Amazon? These Amazon shopping hacks can help you save more money when shopping on Amazon.

Amazon has been here for years and is here to stay. It is one of the best online shops available because it is very convenient and effective. You shop at the comfort of your homes, and the goods are delivered to you, and If you’re on Prime, you also enjoy free shipping.

But do you know that they’re also other ways to enjoy your shopping on Amazon and buy products at highly discounted rates?

The following are Amazon shopping hacks that will make your shopping experience a great one and ensure that you don’t go overdo on these processes.

amazon shopping hacks

Amazon Shopping Hacks

1. The Shopping Cart Abandonment

This is the first trick in the books. It is called “the shopping cart abandonment”. All you have to do is pick out items you would love to buy, add them to your shopping cart and leave it that way for some days without purchasing. Amazon will notice this and send you discounts and coupons that you can shop with. It is in their interest that you buy from them, so believe when I say this works all the time😂. This is actually my favorite amazon shopping hack.

2. Get paid to shop on Amazon

Surprised? Yes, you can.

If you really love shopping, then you might as well make money out of it.

This can be done through a Cashback site…a referral site that pays a little commission to buyers to shop through their link.

It’s simple as ABC and all you have to do is shop from Amazon using the link from their sites. An example of this site is eBates. To register, go to Rakuten Affiliate program page and sign up. 

3. Download the Amazon App

Are you aware that Amazon will pay you $5 for downloading their app?

To do this, type into a good mobile browser and then install the app once the download is done.

Then you can now set it up and enjoy your shopping.

4. Referrals on Amazon

Another favorite, amazon free shopping hack I like is this one. You can also make an additional $5 by referring your friends and family to buy from Amazon.

All you have to do is click on the “your Account” space on the app then click on personalized content click on invite friends and then share your link on any of the social media platforms of your choice.

Imagine having at least five people join through your link daily that means you’ll be making a total of $150 monthly. That’s not bad for a side hustle🤔

5. Compensations

Still haven’t seen a novel idea to save money while shopping on Amazon? Hmm. what about this one:

Sometimes to make the most out of your Amazon app, you need not be afraid to lay complaints when having issues.

For instance, if your package takes longer than the two days it’s supposed to, to get to you.once you call the customer care service to lay your complaint, they usually give

Amazon has a large library program known as Kindle Unlimited. It allows users to borrow books with just the monthly fee of $10.

But as a Prime member, you are entitled to one free book download monthly without even joining Unlimited.

6. Free $20 Amazon Gift card

Once you get an Amazon gift card which gives you a 5% discount on your shopping, you also instantly get the $20 gift certificate added to your account for free.

7. Trace Discount products

Getting discounted products shouldn’t be so hard. All you have to do is add &pct-off=30-60 ( the 30-60 is if you want discount products of 30%-60%) at the end of a product’s URL.

This is a code that narrows down your search to the discount range you want. Lol, we all just love discounts, don’t we? So, let me ask you, is this your favorite amazon shopping hacks yet?

8. Share Your Prime Account

You can save your friends and family from spending more money by sharing your prime account with them.

This way, they get to enjoy the two-day free shipping and all other benefits that come with a Prime Account.

9. Trade-In Your Old Item To Get A Credit with Amazon

Instead of discarding your phone, video games, DVD’s and electronics, you can use the Amazon trade-in page, to sell them on Amazon and get more value for them.

The Trade -in programs pays in gift cards which you can use and buy other products.

10. Order Items Separately to get Faster Shipping Without Paying for it

Although this method is not guaranteed, it still works.

This trick works if you want your purchase quickly and at the same time don’t want to upgrade shipping for all of them.

Amazon usually ships all orders at o once to save cost and so for you to take advantage of this, you’ll have to order each of your items separately.

It is important you do that one after the other and upgrade the shipping on one of them to one-day. And if luck is by your side, Amazon will combine all your orders and ship them as one the following day.

11. Keep The Old Along With The New

If you’ve ever bought anything directly from Amazon and then you realize it’s broken or damaged before delivery, then it would be wise for you to call their customer service and let them know about it. They’ll send a replacement for it and might even let you keep the old one if what you bought is less than $50.

If the damage is repairable, then you stand the chance of getting two items with the price of one. This doesn’t work with the third -party seller because their policy might differ from that of Amazon.

12. Enjoy Free Shipping All The Time.

Yes, it possible to always enjoy Free shipping even without having to sign up for Prime Amazon. All you have to do is to always make sure that you qualify for free shipping.

And to do that, you will need the help of Amazon Filler Item Finder, to be able to meet up to the $35 product purchase necessary for qualification.

13. Amazon Family

Formerly known as Amazon mom, it is free and guarantees you a 20% discount on products like diapers and other household items.

If you’re an expectant mother, you get 15% off on all baby registry items two months before your due date. You also enjoy $10 credit if you refer another mom and other baby discounted products.

14. Get Free Stuff

Amazon has an elite group of reviewers called Vine Voice. They are selected by Amazon to review their products. They are notified through emails on the items available for review.

And they are expected to turn in their reviews in a month time. As a result, they get to keep the free products. Not sure, how to join Vine voice? Go here to find out more.

15. Amazon Outlets

Trends will always come and go, but do you ever stop to think where those products go to afterwards?

Amazon Outlets is focused on selling products that are out of season or trend at highly discounted prices. These products are still very new and good to use.

16. The Amazon card Benefits

As an Amazon Prime member, you are eligible to enjoy the 5% cash back each time you purchase with your amazon prime store card.

17. Free shipping

Amazon Prime has many advantages, one if which is their free shipping feature on wholesale deals.

This means that the shipping expenses have been settled for you by Amazon and you can now save the money that was meant for that or use it to get more products.

18. Buy from Third-party Sellers

There are sellers that use the app as a platform to market/ showcase and sell their products. An example is eBay. Their prices are very low. Not sure, how this fits into our list of Amazon shopping hacks, think about this.

Simply browse through Amazon for the stuff, you like, and then head over to eBay to do your actual purchase.  However, not all products on Amazon show up on eBay, but a good number of them do.

19. Prime student.

Aside from the discounts and free shipping feature available only on Prime, they also run six months of free trial for students after which, they can renew with the discounted rate of 6.49$ monthly.

Students using prime are allowed to enjoy free music, movies for the four-year duration spent in college.

20. Buy Cheap Textbooks On Amazon

As a student or one that loves reading, you will love this amazon hack free shopping. It would interest you to know that you can find books easily on Amazon. This is done with the use of Cheap River.

This is a website that finds requested books at the lowest price available. It also adds the shipping and delivery fee to the cost price at once.

21. Track when Products Price Drops

Supposing you’ve been having your eyes on some products but can’t get it, maybe as a result of your budget or finances at the time. Then you need to use websites like CamelCamelCamel or to track when the prices go down.

That way, you buy what you want and still stay in your means while doing that. You can also know if the price of a product has been increasing or decreasing over some time.

22. Subscribe and save products

If you have items you buy on intervals, then it would be wise to buy it using the Amazon subscribe and save is free and helps you save up to at least 15% of your normal purchase. You can do this by

  • Choosing the item you want to subscribe to.
  • Set how many of it you want and when you want it delivered (whether it should be weekly or monthly).
  • Then click on “Subscribe Now”.

23. Searchpromocodes

Websites like this keep you updated on current promo codes and discounts that you could use to your advantage when shopping on Amazon. Aside from these, you can also get shopping advice through their link:

24. Retailmenot

This is another site you have to try. Retailmenot gives active promo codes, and these can be accessed based on your category of interest.

Some of these categories for coupons include; free shipping, percentage off, gift, and money off.

25. Amazon Coins

All casual gamers, let’s gather here. Did you know that you can get paid for downloading free apps?

You can get up to 100Amazon coins or more depending on the deals available. To check your coin balance, visit your app product page.

26. Amazon Review Sites

Many sites have been set up over the years to review Amazon products. So in exchange for that, you get free products or heavily discounted ones.

An example of such sites is Snapshot. They give discounts for honest reviews. They do more reviews for products that are still very new to the market. The companies selling/producing these products need these reviews so they can adjust to the needs of the masses and for that, they give one of the best discounts

25. Search Amazon Warehouse For Deals On Used And Pre-owned Items

The link will take you to the Amazon warehouse.

Here you get to buy, open box, used, pre-owned and close to new products. And if you’re one of those that don’t mind, then you’ll be saving yourself much money buying these goods. Example of products fit for these are; books, electronics and furniture.

26. Use the Amazon Coupon Page

To do this, all you need is to type into your browser or click on “Today’s Deal” and the “Coupons” at the toolbar.

By doing these, you get to see all the Coupons and discounts Amazon has for that day. This way, you never miss out on anything Amazon has to offer, and you get to save more.

27. Popular Colors

When only a particular color of a product is on high demand, Amazon automatically puts discounts on other colors.

This is to even out the demand on all colors of those products. So if you opt for less popular colors, you could be saving yourself some extra bucks.

28. Convert Leftover Visa Cards to Amazon Card

Amazon is the best shopping app that encourages you to save more and reduce waste. So you can still make use of your old visa gift cards from other stores in Amazon.

All you need to do is convert them to Amazon Gift cards.

This is better than other gift cards because Amazon Gift code never expires and can be used anytime.  The following are steps to convert Visa Cards to Amazon cards:

It also good to note that the

  • Call the number at the back of your Visa gift card to know the balance.
  • After logging in to Amazon, click on “Your Account”.
  • Click on “payment” and then “purchase a gift card”.
  • To get your code immediately, choose to send via email.
  • Then enter the required card info and Submit.

Go to your account and click on “Apply a gift card to your account” and use the Amazon code sent to your email.

29. Price Matching

When buying gadgets like phones and Television, Amazon usually compares the prices from different suppliers to fetch the cheapest deal available.

And if after buying, you notice a better deal elsewhere, all you have to do is report to them, and they will do a refund of the difference to you.

30. Promo! Promo! Promo!!!

These are special promotions made on certain products. To be eligible for these promos, you may have to buy up to two products and get one free.

They’re no special codes or coupons to qualify or track these down, so one has to be careful when reading their details on the product page in order not to miss out on it.

31. Amazon Sampling

Although it’s still very new, Amazon Sampling gives you free samples of products to try. All for free and you’re not under any compulsion to buy anything or to be a prime member to enjoy this.

Anybody can take part in this using the link;

32. Use the “Customers who bought these items also” and “sponsored products” features on the app.

Amazon is a business app and so has to make profits from their sales. So if you search for a product, don’t expect to get the lowest prices for it instantly.

There’s a trick for that, and all you have to do is to go to the product page and search through the “customers who bought this item also” and the “sponsored products” sections.

You’ll be surprised to find the same product or something similar sold by a third-party seller at a lower price.

33. The Double Browser Trick

As a result of the free shipping feature on the Amazon Prime, prices sometimes can be higher than that in the normal app.

So to avoid this, you have to open two browsers and log into your prime account on the first and search the item you want and take note of the price.

On the second browser, log into Amazon and if the first price is higher than this one, then add it to your cart and pay for it using your Prime account😉.

34.Join Amazon’s Mailing List

To do this, firstly you have to visit and then select the categories you would like to sign up for. Once you’ve done this, Amazon will begin sending all their deals to your email. That way you get to enjoy every discount available.

35. Almost Free Grocery Delivery

Another great amazon shopping hacks are using cost-effective grocery. With a flat rate of $5.99 prime pantry, one of the Amazon prime services will ship any grocery item to you wherever you are. No matter how large or heavy your order can be, the price still remains the same.


If you’re one of those that loves haggling prices till you make the perfect deal for what you want, then is for you.

This website is used to get the lowest price for any item out there. It has an Amazon Price Jump Tool. All you have to do is to copy and paste the URL of a product page on Amazon into the tool so it can search for the best deal.

Now you know how to save money while shopping on Amazon, don’t forget to ensure you are actually making savings by never buying indiscriminately. Want to find out more about the lovely things you can do to save money or even make money on Amazon. Here, we’ve got a nice article on making money with amazon.  If you are also interested in books that can help you build a successful business using time-proven tips and strategies, check this one out.

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